Timeless Elegance

The bedroom space is divided into several zones, where the parents can rest and work.

Although the owner nostalgically recalled his own childhood in his family’s house, he eventually had to decide for reconstruction so that it suited his own family – his wife and three children.

This spacious house is located in the Mexican city of Torreón. The owner approached architects from the studio Arqmov Workshop, who with respect to previous, rather unfortunate work on the reconstruction of properties, proposed a completely new design. The intention was to maximally use the spatial potential of the house and its position opposite a golf course.

Torreon 2
The facade of the house was also reconstructed. The integration of various shapes and materials creates an audaciously connection between the old and new houses, including the garden, which can be praised for its swimming pool and large space with an open grill and fireplace. Total built-up area: 950 m².

Magical Heights

The new project required a change in the layout of the building. They completely removed the divided floor with the aim of achieving a high ceiling up to the first floor. They added large windows to the space and folding glass doors on the front side, enabling access to the pool and to the garden. Opposite this wall is a staircase leading to a bar into which a sufficient amount of daylight shines. The fun zone – a small salon with a fireplace and walls clad in beige stone, a circular chandelier and a red carpet – is crowned by a bar surface with walls covered in wood and with a wooden floor.  The two seats had a comforting and gentle effect. Furniture, which is easily adapted to the style and space and unique materials – all of this is a key to a ravishing and grandiose interior.

Perfection in the Details

Torreon 3
As throughout the whole house, even the entry foyer has an interesting original lighting solution and a designer chandelier.

In contrast, the dining room in the small open room continues cosily behind the double-seat. Pictures from the household collection hang on the walls, and there is room for ten to sit comfortably around the wooden table. The original design completes the sideboard with a stone board from Pietra Serena.

The walls of the second living room are decorated in made-to-measure wooden cladding, and the entire room is tuned in warm, earthy colours. The private spaces consist of three bedrooms – one for each child – which are furnished according to the personal taste of each child. The master bedroom after alteration was expanded to 150 m² and includes a work area, a reading corner and a place for seating with a conference tables. The furniture and textiles are tuned to neutral shades.

Text: AGCAN, d, photo: Rafael Gamo