Book News on the Czech Market

Red Sparrow
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Jason Matthews: Red Sparrow

The novel Red Sparrow, from the pen of a CIA veteran with deep knowledge of the peculiar world of counterintelligence, won the Edgar Award 2013 for the best spy-detective debut of the year. It has been made into a feature film by Twentieth Century Fox, with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role. The film arrived in cinemas on 1 March 2018.

The Art of the Natural Home
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Rebecca Sullivan: The Art of the Natural Home

Today, more than ever before, we appreciate health and comfort. But for many of us this begins with what we eat and drink. If, however, we really want to achieve a natural lifestyle and optimal health, it’s necessary to choose the right approach. The book brings ideas and recipes for pure (and natural) products for the whole house, from the kitchen cabinets and the cleaning closets to cosmetics cabinet and the medicine chest (and in the end even a few ideas for the production of excellent natural beverages).

A Stranger in the House
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Shari Lapena: A Stranger in the House

The second novel by the author of last year’s big hit, the thriller The Couple Next Door (Manželé odvedle), is one of the TOP titles for 2018. In a cosy neighbourhood full of happy households, dangerous lies remain hidden behind closed doors… Shari Lapena arrives with another family drama full of secrets and unexpected turns, which never cease to surprise.

How Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit
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Judith Kerr: How Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit

It’s year 1933, and everything is beginning to change around nine-year-old Anna. Her father, a famous writer, disappears, and her mother has her and her brother secreted away. This partially autobiographical story by writer and illustrator Judith Kerr was published for the first time in 1971. Anna’s trip through Switzerland and France to England is full of surprises, the search for new friends and the necessity to adapt to new conditions.

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
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Deepak Chopra: Seven Spiritual Laws of Success 

This book presents effective principles which enable you to achieve mastery over your life. You will also find out that your life can become more joyful, because these spiritual laws make life meaningful. Deepak Chopra has concentrated the essence of his teachings into seven simple principles that can be easily applied in all areas of our life. Chopra’s work undoubtedly belongs among the most sought-after and best-selling books of this genre.

In the Footsteps of a Hundred-Year-Old Lady
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Lenka Pecharová: In the Footsteps of a Hundred-Year-Old Lady

A book for the 100th anniversary of the origin of Czechoslovakia goes through the individual years of the republic and in each of them points out the interesting events that took place. Curious children can thus learn not only the principle historical facts but also when the game Pexeso was developed, who invented contact lenses or what the abbreviation SUNAR means. The book also has quizzes and period jokes. Its author is a long-time teacher at an elementary school.

Cosmonauts on the Edge of Death
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Karel Pacner: Cosmonauts on the Edge of Death

Since Gagarin’s first flight cosmonauts have become true heroes of the age. Few people, however, have considered the risks they undergo until the right way is found to handle the exceptional difficulties of their journeys, which both powers of the Cold War prefer not to acknowledge. These people have entered into uncharted territory and literally became tested guinea pigs. The author reveals the moments when the cosmonauts handled deadly dangers with tremendous force, but also the tragedies that could not be prevented.

Jan Kraus
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Jan Kraus: My Private Busyness

The viewpoint of popular Czech talk-show host on business, life and relationships. In his own words, this is a “book about all of my business. It’s about what I did in school, in riding school, with my father, with soldiers, with my first wife, with my flat, my computer, with the Italians, with the theatre and with television.ˮ Business has significantly changed the life of the talk-show host. These are not only revenues, expenditures and profits, etc. But mainly the stories that go along with it.

Text: Marianna Sadloňová