Surround Yourself with Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet!

Color of the Year

The colour of the year, known under the name Pantone Colour of the Year, annually directs designers and labels to a specific tone that everyone adores and enthusiastically incorporates into their collections. This year’s choice was purple shade of PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet.

Mysterious and Futuristic

Ultra Violet is linked with a mysterious universe and discovery. The endless night-time sky symbolizes possibilities that have no limit, while expressing the desire to explore the world in its own way. Purple, however, carries more symbolism, such as unconventionality and artistic talent – its individuality has been expressed by musicians Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix.

Daringly Step Out

Ultra Violet forces you into experimentation and nonconformity. So, let it inspire you to leave your own footprint in this world, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! First surround yourself with the colour of the year at home or go for it straight away…

A Chic Rose

A Chic Rose

Purple lips were in retreat for a moment, but why not bring them back? Try a lipstick with natural ingredients to get a matt look after application. Diego Dalla Palma

A Perfect Purse

We can’t forget about the purse, of course, and we don’t want to forget. Love this GG Marmont in a perfect Ultra Violet colour with golden details. Gucci


A Stylish Pillow

Enjoy a velvety pillow of the king of opulent design, Robert Cavalli. Here is additional proof that purple with gold work brilliantly together. Roberto Cavalli

A Luxurious Towel and Robe

Why not enjoy design luxury in the bathroom, too? The Versace Towel will transform every bath into an experience, so get a robe in the same colour, too. Versace (towel), Versace (robe)

An Original Vase

We love home decor and stylish vases even more. The colour of the year appears brilliantly on the Missoni model and the ceramic piece recalling a ball of yarn fascinated us. Missoni

It bomber

The It Bomber

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Alessandro Michele has created for Gucci pieces with his own Boston Terriers, violet on a men’s bomber jacket and softened by satin. Gucci

A Lakers Scarf

The combination of purple with gold or yellow clearly associates the colours of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team; therefore, it could not go without their motif. Who loves scarves? The Elder Statesman

A Silk Tie

A Silk Tie

A purple tie of French origin? Why not! Choose two colours and a playful pattern to make joy and fashion statement out of it. Charvet

A Golden Necklace

What is better than yellow and purple? Gold with amethyst! The Italian 18-carat pink and white gold necklace will ensure that you always have the colour of the year with you. Pomellato

Sweet Earrings

Sweet Earrings

Earrings from the Rock Candy collection with 7-carat grinded amethysts in 18-carat gold are an even more decent, but somewhat less decorative jewellery. Ippolita

A Trendy Jacket

Refresh your work uniform and buy a purple jacket. After working in it, you can go out with friend for coffee and also remain in it an evening party. Emilio Pucci

A Colourful Decanter

Why not add a colourful touch to a decanter? The stylish, transparent Ultra Violet upper part will make your fine dining an even better and more visual experience. Waterford

A Rare Pen

The 18-carat gold and silver limited edition pen with a colourful accent will be the right choice for signing all important documents. Graf von Faber–Castell

A Dazzling Diffuser

A Dazzling Diffuser

Add fragrance to your flat with a design diffuser that in addition to purple glass is decorated with blue stripes from which the colour of the year emerges. The Merchant of Venice

Minimalistic Headphones

Minimalistic Headphones

Not very interested in gemstones? Then as a complement to an outfit, use cordless headphones that are comfortable and interesting, and not only due to our coveted shade. B&O Play

An Elegant Visiting Card

When handing out business cards and creating contacts, every detail is important, perhaps even key. Therefore, don’t forget that a classy business card will surely help you. Berluti

Purple perfume

The Purple Label fragrance is inspired by Ralph Lauren’s label of the same name, and each man will wear oriental wood, fresh fruit and leather. Ralph Lauren

Text: Lenka Komrsková, photo: brand archives