LASERCENTER Lifts Your Natural Beauty



beautiful fresh complexion and smooth skin on the body are synonymous with youth. With increased age the natural fulness of the face withers away, collagen decreases, and the first wrinkles occur. The skin on the body gradually slackens and loses elasticity. Modern aesthetic medicine, however, is able to turn back the tracks of time, for example with the use of quality lasers.

FOTONA is one of the top lasers developed by a team of specialists in cooperation with world medical experts, who are continuously developing newer and even more effective settings. It’s marvellous that this device offers so many possibilities for use. However, to ensure it value in practice, a well-coordinated clinical team is necessary which is able to recommend and subsequently carry out the most appropriate treatment approach with regard to the client’s individual needs.

MUDr. Marianna Bieliková, PhD.
MUDr. Marianna Bieliková, PhD.

Beautiful Face and Body

MUDr. Marianna Bieliková, PhD. – specialist in aesthetic dermatology and laser medicine, who accompanies you on the path to natural beauty:

“4D laser lifting shifts rejuvenation procedures to a whole new level. Immediately after first trying the FOTONA laser we were charmed by the visible results, which then led us to purchase thiswonderful machine, which beautifully supplemented the portfolio of equipment in our clinic.We are here for you, to advise you on the most suitable treatment for your age and skin status, so that you leave us satisfied and mainly without wrinkles and beauty defects. This is only possible with top-of-the-line equipment and an experienced team of people who love and excel at their work.You will find all of this in the Lasercenter.ˮ

The laser 4D lifting is a system of non-invasive synergistically working laser procedures for treatment of the exterior and interior part of the face and mouth cavity, which enables the contraction of collagen fibres in the whole thickness of the skin with long-term firming and the adding of volume without the use of injections. With this four-dimensional treatment, it is possible to achieve complex skin rejuvenation at four levels by touching the deeper, middle and surface structures of the skin tissues, as well as by modifying the uneven patches of the skin.

4D laser lifting is a leader in the battle against aging skin; it doesn’t require anaesthesia or even recovery time for the patients(or only minimally) and may be done throughout the entire year.

,,4D laser lifting shifts rejuvenation procedures to a whole new level.”

For the body, we focus on Laser Skin Tightening, where we can significantly stretch the skin of local body parts, such as the arms, the area above the knees, or the abdomen.

MUDr. Danuta Chládeková
MUDr. Danuta Chládeková

Intimates Parts Again in Comfort

MUDr. Danuta Chládeková – an experienced gynaecologist who helps her clients with seemingly unsolvable problems:

“Urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, sagging skin, or prolapse are gynaecological-urological conditions that many women are ashamed of, even though they are a major discomfort to their personal, sexual, or social life. Therefore, it is amazing that these intimate problems can be very discreetly addressed by simple outpatient surgery without the need for anaesthesia or surgery, and the client is not restricted in normal activities.ˮ

IncontiLase and IntimaLase are unique patented non-invasive Er: YAG Fotona laser procedures. IntimaLase is a procedure designed for non-invasive photo-thermal reinforcing of the vagina without the need for anaesthesiaor a surgical incision.

IncontiLase is an intervention intended for treating mild and moderately hard stress incontinence. The treatment is based on non-ablative photothermal stimulation of collagen. Strengthening the tissue of the vaginal mucosa leads to greater support for the bladder. In both cases, this is an outpatient procedure without anaesthesia and without the need for surgeryor convalescence.

IncontiLase and IntimaLase are unique patented non-invasive Er: YAG Fotona laser procedures.

The results of clinical studies have confirmed that these are effective, safe and comfortable treatments with no side effects.

Text: editorial article, photo: archive