Elegance for the Grandkids, Too

The conference table is covered by a textile with tufts from Scalamandre, the wooden chairs from the workshop of Minton Spidell.

A reconstructed apartment in New York’s Manhattan tells the new story of a family’s life. Its past wasn’t lost, however, but projected into the colourful dwelling, which grabs your attention at first glance.

The bright shades of saturated colours return the owner of the apartment to his childhood in Puerto Rico, where he was born. They charge it with energy and, at the same time, a peace, which acts as an anchor in the home port. To bring the typical colourfulness of their Caribbean birthplace into the whirlpool of an American city was one of the basic requirements for the owner before the reconstruction. He also considered the presentation of his collection of Latin American art as very important. This collection reveals the elegant lifestyle of the owner, who also enjoys his comforts. He wanted the new interior to provide perfect comfort for the whole family, including his grandchildren, with whom he likes to spend a lot of free time.

Several bedrooms are found in this 168 m² apartment. The designers covered the walls of the owners’ bedroom in order to hide the storage spaces.

On Waves of Colours

The owner commissioned the work to one of the leading design companies in America, Solis Betancourt & Sherrill, who understood how the family will enjoy the new space and create an interior full of aesthetic experiences. They began straight away in the lobby, where they placed two paintings from the famous Puerto Rican painter Olga Albizu over the console table. They painted the wall in blue and covered it with gold-plated Weitzner tiles. The net pattern allows the colours to penetrate into the walls.

The home gallery stuns, with pictures from Olga Albizu and the impressive colourfulness in the entry hall of the apartment.

The living room weds vivid colour with contemporary art, while the room preserves the elegance of a traditional salon. A work by Cuban artist Zila Sanchez hangs over the fireplace. The creator of the circle over the sofa is Linling Lu.

Curtain fabrics from JAB Anstoetz charmed this attractive night table.

Changes with Great Effects

They covered the walls in the dining room with silk damask wallpapers to create a pleasant colour contrast with the silk curtains. The four club chairs are on wheels, so that they can be easily manoeuvred. The round table brings an element of modernity into the room.

The designers added wall linings to the owner’s bedroom to hide the storage spaces. The peaceful atmosphere of the room is finished by the colourful harmony with an accent on green.

The small home gallery continues into the guest room over the two beds, where paintings by well-known Puerto Rican painter Wilfred Chiesa hang. The embroidered silk pillows from Cowtan & Tout add a touch of femininity to the space.

The walls in the dining room are covered in silk damask wallpaper from the maker de Gournay. The decorative curtains come from the family firm Kravet, which is commemorating the 100th anniversary of its founding.

Text: Dagmar Murgašová, photo: Jackson Hill and Marcos Galvany