Conjuring with Mirrors: Enchanting with Space and Light

A mirror mosaic in a vintage style fits in a room of similar style.

Mirrors can enhance every interior; they have the ability to visually enlarge the space, give it depth and light up the darkest corners. In addition to all this, they are also a design accessory that can enhance any room.

A properly placed mirror, thanks to an optical illusion, will turn a small room into a big one and perform miracles with the sunlight coming in through windows. There are a variety of decorated mirrors on offer with different shapes and sizes, and thanks to the option of whole-surface stickers, you can have an entire mirrored wall.

A mirror
A suitably placed mirror is able to optically enlarge even a small room.

Expanded Space

Are you struggling with a small living room, bedroom or entry hall? Or does your home lack airiness and the feeling of unlimited space? Suitable, well-placed mirrors can really help. The narrow space of an entry hall, for example, can be expanded by narrow horizontal mirrors that you put on one wall of the room. You literally create a mirror labyrinth by placing two mirrors opposite one another and thus creating the illusion of infinite space which can make your head spin. You can also work with a whole-surface mirror or mirrors on the doors of built-in cabinets. A large mirror suitably positioned to reflect the furnishings in a room, creates the illusion of another room mirroring it.

Mirrors are also a terrific solution for rooms without windows or for rooms with only one window. These often give the unpleasant impression of being cramped and closed. Thanks to a mirrored wall or a large mirror, a space gains airiness as well as an extra dimension. You won’t feel like you’re inside a matchbox, but rather in a spacious room. If you work with large mirrors or even with whole-wall mirror covering, you should always keep the functionality of the mirror in mind. Everything is reflected in it, sometimes even what you would prefer to hide. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think well about the location of mirrors in the room, particularly in terms of possible loss of privacy. The location of mirrors in the bedroom is frequently discussed. According to the Chinese teachings of feng shui, mirrors don’t belong to the bedroom, because they break the intimacy that this room should preserve.

A mirror
Mirrors give space a feeling of airiness and spaciousness.

Take Advantage of Reflected Sunlight

Working with the reflection of sunlight on mirrors isn’t easy, but if you can do it, you will light up dark corners and fill the room with sunlight. Even the builders of the pyramids in ancient Egypt used this technique, and with the help of mirrors and light they were able to bring sunlight even into the darkest corners.

If you want to flood a room with light, you need just one large, well-placed mirror that should be placed opposite a window but positioned so that the light does not reflect directly into people’s eyes. The reflection of light should be directed to where the light otherwise does not reach. You can use daylight as the source of light or light from a lamp or other lights. Furthermore, if the mirror is placed opposite a window, you can also bring a bit of nature into your flat, for example, from the garden you have beyond the window; the advantage here is that this image will always be different and will never fade.

A mirror
Mirrors can also be put on walls instead of pictures. You can create an entire mirrored wall.

Thanks to mirrors and a suitably placed light in front of them, you can create a beautiful atmosphere. The play of light and shadows of a burning candle or a hanging lamp and their resulting reflection on the surface of the mirror can give off an effective glow that floods the whole room.

Mirrors Instead of Pictures

Mirrors don’t have only have a practical function; they also have aesthetic and decorative ones, too. The distribution of small, different sized and shaped mirrors on a wall can in some interiors work better than landscape paintings. Their frames can also add colourfulness and design elements. There are plenty of them to choose from, and as a result mirror are increasingly popular room accessories. The mirror frame should, of course, always fit in with the rest of the interior. Frames made of cast metal, leather and wood are all on offer… the fantasies are limitless and playing with mirrors offers endless possibilities.

A mirror
Mirrors can serve us well, but they sometimes also betray us. They show everything that is reflected in them. Be sure to think about this when deciding where to place them.

 Text: Linda Vojancová, photo:, Ikea