Ralph Lauren: 50th Anniversary of the Iconic Brand

Ralph Lauren

American designer Ralph Lauren celebrates this year’s anniversary of the founding of his empire and his career in fashion industry, which is one of the longest among today’s designers and forms an inherent part of fashion and design in the United States and around the world.

Career Beginnings

Ralph LaurenThe famous designer started his star career by designing men’s ties and gradually built up a world-class business with a unique style that became iconic and known especially for his perfect tailoring. Nowadays, we can probably be thankful to Ralph Lauren, who was among the firsts to bring women suits into the world of fashion, because they were also accepted in the society in the same time. Despite the fact that the designer left his CEO position in 2015, he is still an executive chairman and creative director, and continues to be involved in all aspects of the fashion empire, including ready-to-wear collections, to be on runways twice a year in New York.

Anniversary Day

The anniversary of his successful career was celebrated in New York City by a magnificent runway show attended by many members of the design family, friends and colleagues. Many celebrities such as Anna Wintour, Blake Lively, Pierce Brosnan, Oprah, and Kanye West attended the fashion show and majestic celebration. The show that had a huge success in that evening, included all styles from the designer workshops, sporty, elegant and casual. The celebration moved to Central Park after the show, from which the amazing atmosphere of his great guests touched Lauren himself during the night.

Ralph Lauren

Past and Present of the Brand

Ralph LaurenIn 1967 Ralph Lauren designed his first collection of men’s ties and neckties when he was only 28 years old. Beau Brummel, the owner of the designer workshop where Lauren worked, saw great potential at Lauren and let him fulfill his dream of designing his own line of ties. He designed and tailored them in a workshop in New York City in the Empire State Building, and all the creations handed out to all the city’s customers personally. Only a year later, he designed his first collection of men’s fashion, and in 1969, due to his hard work and diligence, his models came to the Bloomingdale’s department store, where he exclusively offered his creations and opened the first shop named Ralph Lauren, who was a novice in those times. After a great deal of success from the collection, the designer established his own corporation, where the first designed models in 1971 were elegant blouses for women. The complete women’s collection was introduced a year later and soon he opened his first boutique in Beverly Hills; at the same time the logo for POLO Ralph Lauren, which is label of the typical American fashion style, was born.

Ralph LaurenThe Ralph Lauren brand has grown at the speed of light and has been expanding worldwide since 1981. The clothing and accessories in the Ralph Lauren Sport line were inspired by his passion for sport, which he has had since early childhood, especially Polo. In the early 90s, more than 10 lines belonged to Ralph Lauren imperium: Lauren Ralph Lauren, POLO Sport, Ralph Lauren Purple, perfume business, and also Ralph Lauren Home, which includes interior accessories, furniture and upholstery items.

In 2005, the designer appointed Stephan Larsson as CEO, Chief Executive Officer of the brand, but Ralph Lauren remained as Executive Chairman and Creative Director. Two years later, the Frenchman Patrice Louvet replaced Larsson and Lauren has continued to play a major part in the creative and strategic part of the brand. He celebrated his 50th anniversary with the introduction of a special collection, as well as a book titled Ralph Lauren: 50 Years of Fashion, which includes his life and career, and highlights the sum of the best moments from the world of fashion.

Text: Michaela Mičatková, photo: flickr.com