Autumn Endearments


Bring comfort and warmth to your autumn home and make it cosy with a soft carpet, a fur sofa or other remarkable items from the collections of world designers…

They Fascinate and Amuse

Hua trees
Wallpaper Hua trees

Sian Zeng is an award-winning design company known for its fantastic wallpapers and interior accessories. The wallpapers of the latest collection, called Hua Trees, are hand-painted and scanned to preserve every detail. The wallpaper will fit any wall width and will be available either as a classic or exclusive magnetic wallpaper. The magnetic version comes with a unique magnetic pad that turns this wallpaper into a kind of interactive work of art.  With a number of additional magnets, a simple roll of wallpaper can be transformed into the customer’s personal story. Each roll of luxury wallpaper is printed with ecological ink on ecological paper in England. Colour variants for both types of wallpapers include pink and grey shades.

Carpet Tiles

Morpheus carpet tiles are made of natural fibres, wool and bamboo fibre. Using them, it’s possible to create a pattern from your own imagination. Each has an anti-skid surface that perfectly holds it in place without the need to glue them. Swedish designer Ingrid Külper designed them. Dimensions of one tile: 70 x 70 cm.

Morpheus carpet tiles

Snow Queen

The luxurious three seater sofa Coronum from the Snow White collection is a unique piece that will shine in every interior. The upholstery made from sheepskin promises soft and comfortable seating. Dimensions: 224 x 90 x 72 cm. Design: Artefatto Design Studio.

Sofa coronum
Sofa Coronum
The carpet Oci

Pleasant to Touch

Traditional and quality materials are worth investing in, especially in those things we directly touch and whose quality we can feel ourselves. The carpet Oci in a pleasant colour combination of pastel pink, brown and coral red is handcrafted from 100% New Zealand wool. Dimensions: 110 x 200 x 3 cm. Design: Portego.


Coy chair

It Grabs the Heart

The attractive Coy chair from the Luuna collection will become the playful centrepiece in every home. The oak wood frame and woollen upholstery turns it into a model like the one described by well-known American poet May Sarton: “A house that does not have one warm, comfy chair in it is soullessˮ. Dimensions: 46 x 85 x 47 cm. Design: Elnaz Namaki

On Solid Legs

A beautiful home is the most effective medicine for the soul. The Stumpy coffee table, which comes from Ashby’s English design studio, creates in an impressive combination of acrylic and oak wood. The natural material brings a cosiness that is welcomed even more so in the damp and chilly months. Dimensions: 200 x 120 cm.

The Stumpy coffee table

Text: Dagmar Murgašová, photo: Jon Day, Ewa Malmsten Nordell at Fotofralla, brand archives,