Dual Spirit


This is exactly how to characterise one of the current concepts of the Pininfarina brand, called the HK GT, which saw the light of the world this past spring in Geneva. In addition to the unique design from the honest and creative Italian school, Indian capital and also Chinese technology stand behind this studio.

The owner of the design studio with the famous Pininfarina name has been since 2015 the Indian concern the Mahindra Group, and in in recent times the Hong Kong-based Hybrid Kinetic Group has also become more and more involved in cooperating with Pininfarina purely on its technology. At first glance this looks like an incomprehensible collaboration, but everything becomes clear the moment Pininfarina begins to talk about the coming start of production on purely electric cars.

PininfarinaConversion of the Interior

But back to the attractive, almost five-metre long Pininfarina HK GT concept. It combines not only elegance but also ecological sustainability in its mobility. The avant-garde silhouette of the car confirms the configuration of the 2 + 2 Gran Turismo category and literally catches the heart not only with a long, contoured hood, but also a pair of upward opening doors reminiscent of a flying seagull. The front part of the vehicle, with its integrated hi-tech headlamps mounted onto a mask made of chrome lamella in the shape of flower petals, confirms the distinctive charisma of the car. The interior concept expresses individuality and modernity not only with selected materials, but also the ergonomic design. One point of interest is the optical transformation of the interior for two basic modes of driving: “Raceˮ and “Cruiseˮ. While the former directs the colour of the interior backlight into a red shade and the flow of information on the central display is primarily limited to the technical parameters of the dynamic drive, the second mode will satisfy fans of blue with its blue-lit interior; overall, the vehicle is set to a peaceful family run mode, especially in its sharing of entertainment and the mutual connectivity of the passengers.

PininfarinaRevolutionary Power

The drive technology of this concept with an aluminium undercarriage also deserves attention. The HK GT is powered by four integrated motors with permanent magnets and more than 800 kW of power in combination with a two-speed transmission. Everything is complemented by the super-battery, which has an output of 38 kWh. The car can reach a maximum speed of 350 km per hour, and go from zero to 100 km/hr in an incredible 2.7 seconds! The brakes are designed in regeneration way. The technological tweak are three methods how by adding appropriate sources the overall endurance distance of the car can be increased. In addition to low-emission microturbine, this avant-garde on wheels may be supplemented with fuel-cell systems or to use a high-efficiency combustion engine. In that case, the car’s driving radius will be over 1000 km. Pininfarina is spreading its wings to the Chinese market.


Text: Tomáš Vaněk, photo: Pininfarina