Mustache and a Beard as a Trend, Why Not?


When you look around you, there are almost none clean-shaven faces out there. The casual stubble, which became popular among men many years ago, has been lately taking backseat. The reason is a grown beard.

You can find this trend mostly in the big cities but they aren’t only hipsters who wear it. The beard is grown by the men of all age groups and different social status. While some men, thanks to the sex hormone testosterone, are mercilessly loosing their hair, the mustache and beard represent the man of creation even in the time when the rich head top is the past. The Mustache and beard must be always trimmed and their care are, according to the specialist, more demanding than the everyday haircare.

Kamil Kučera
Kamil Kučera

It’s well known that men with stylish mustache and beard increase their respect much more that men without any special styling. The best fitting suit, elegant and shiny shoes and nicely-grown nails; these are the first signals of a real gentleman. This can’t be thrown away only by some untreated face, undisputedly if the dominant of the visage is a mustache and beard . It must be clean,  detailed, thus sexy. The women can confirm that over the years this has become true. In women’s opinion grown mustache and beard make a real man.

I think that the biggest mistake is to wear a beard that doesn’t outline the shape of your face.

Leave the Care to the Professionals

Men can take care of their mustache at home, but this is a little bit challenging, that’s why it is a good idea to visit a barber or a barber shop from time to time. In that specific moment when a professional takes care of your pride, you will never ever want to go back. “The care of your mustache and beard must get under your skin first. To start I recommend to wash the mustache and beard with a special soap, After thorough cleaning, we can’t forget about the hydration and nutrition that provide us oil or mustache balm. Styling is then done with a comb or boar brush for mustache and beard. You can also use hard or cream wax,” explains Martin Tománek from Classic Barber shop in Prague.

Freddy Furber
Freddy Furber

We Discussed Mustache and Beard and their Care with the Founder of the Percy Nobleman Company, Freddy Furber

Why have mustache and beard become lately so popular?

I’m convinced that in the last two decades the culture of wearing facial hair has been developing. Today is more than acceptable that men wear beard to work – in the previous year it wasn’t the same. This process is accelerated thanks to celebrities and pop culture. In today’s culture and work life men are more demanding, which is another plus supporting this 5 minute-ready style.

How to treat your mustache and beard in the best way?

Step by step

The mustache and beard must be styled up otherwise they don’t look interesting. This can be obtained in many ways, the fastest is regular cutting and trimming. Try to use products such as oil or balm, which have softening effect. For perfect finish use a brush or a comb and apply some wax to fight naughty hairs.

Are there any new trends in the mustache world?

Actually no, besides the fact that mustache and beard look is becoming more and more popular among men. In Great Britain 50% of men wear mustache and beard, whereas the other 50% that left this trend behind are older men, who are used to shaving their whole life. This statistics are really mind-blowing.

Is there a possibility to find out if a beard or mustache suits us?

I think that the biggest mistake is to wear a beard that doesn’t outline the shape of your face. Ask your friends or relatives, who you trust, what they think about your facial hair. Personally I prefer shorter beard on the face sides. Using products helps me to keep the mustache and beard in a good condition and if necessary, to style them.

How to obtain 3-day stubble look?

Step by step

You need to regularly cut and moisturize it. Thanks to moisturizing the old dead cells will disappear and mustache and beard will grow. Hairs are softer, better and grow faster.

What is the difference between a typical mustache and beard clippers and a razor?

We use mustache and beard clippers to cut short hairs. It’s a very useful tool. You can also use it for cutting a long beard, but you need to be carful so you don’t cut it more than you wished. The razor is excellent for obtaining the perfect clean-shaven look or a well-defined style. In this case you use metal against your skin. Shaving creams/soaps are on the other hand alkalic, so sensitive skin can become a little bit more irritated. I’ve always used clippers although they last less time.

So what is the ideal beard like? For example the length, shape…?

As I mentioned, each face is different so the best is to choose such a beard that you will love and will make you feel confident. Personally I prefer to reveal some neck lines, so I like 1-3 inches long beard. If such a beard is styled, this is ideal.  I also like short beard, less than 1 inch long, thus a sophisticated 3-day stubble look.

Typical Czech Man’s Beard Styling Step by Step

Step by step

Beard classic styling includes trimming outline to the desired shape, washing with a special shampoo for facial hair, drying, nourishing with oil and styling with a cream for facial hair. In our barber shop we offer Hot Towel treatment, which includes mustache and beard softening with a special oil, steaming with a hot towel, shaving with a razor, using aftershave water and calming balm after shave, cutting, outline trimming, hair wash and styling. Everything depends on the agreement with the client, we always try to reach out to him and offer the best and most suitable treatment possible,” says Martin Tománek from Classic Barber Shop at Vodičkova ulica 10 in Prague.

What Will Help You to Style Up Your Facial Hair?

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Text: Jitka Musilová, photo: Kamil Kučera archive and  companies archive