Daniela Abelovská: “Let’s not lose sense of beauty and elegance.”


“When I started with sewing and design I didn’t have any idea that this beautiful hobby would become my job. I’m glad that my destiny was fulfilled in this way and my hobby became my life,” stated Daniela Abelovská, who’s been more than two decades in the fashion business.

Under the brand name AD-STYLE she brings timeless and elegant trends to modern and independent women who want more; also tries to get rid of common and very strict conventions.

AD-STYLEIs fashion “only about clothes” or is it more about the radiance of a person? More specifically: many times two ladies dressed in the same clothes, one of them looks attractive the other one is “a fail”. Why is it so?

I consider fashion to be a reflection of the time and lifestyle, but another important factor is people’s personality as well. When giving advice to women, I always look at them – I don’t know them in person – as a blank canvas and I try to put an accent on what is for me, as an impartial person, interesting so the priorities stand out. On the other hand it depends on the specific woman, if she can identify with my vision and accepts it. I think that the principle of beauty is well-maintained and intelligent personality, which should definitely pay attention to.

Is there a compromise in such situations? Do you pay attention to your customers?

AD-STYLEThis is also a business, sometimes (but not willingly) I have to take a step back. However many times the customer thanks me how perfectly I styled her.

Mature women with life experience get sometimes in to the point where they perceive fashion more as being vain. We hear such reactions as there are more important things than fashion. As a fashion designer and a creator what do you think about it?

Unfortunately, not only mature women think so. Work with nice things gave taught to me a lot and I think that Slovakia is still full of prejudices and women who aren’t confident enough and they are afraid to be free and without rules.

You have mentioned in many interviews that fashion should be an essential part of life, shouldn’t we perceive it as something exceptional? What should fashion designers do so we can learn to dress nicely and with a good taste; to feel good and at the same time a little bit exceptional?

Fashion, taste, aesthetics or design are imaginary terms, which make our life enjoyable as well as music, literature, etc. Nowadays people have countless possibilities, why wouldn’t we make our life better by such a concept as aesthetics – and also people around us? In fact a beautiful stylish woman is both in work and private life more successful.

AD-STYLEI must ask you this question: Sometimes, on runways there are models that (I think) would never wear in everyday life even their designer. I understand that the idea is to get attention, attract or even shock. Why are most of them time models that are often wearable the least interesting ones for designers?

Fashion on runways is a piece of art and handcraft that’s why you can see so called unreal creations. It’s simply an art. Each designer wants to present their fantasy there. The rest in handcraft, confection, production – which can be both small-scale or mass.

You contribution to fashion has a very interesting accent – you underline the importance of personality, radiance, variability and universality. Isn’t difficult to be respected in fashion community, where the main role have shock and extravagance?

eI don’t think that a real woman needs to shock by her appearance. It’s the other way around. Under the brand AD-STYLE, for years we’ve been creating apparels for women, which will never disappoint them. Most of the time it’s enough to enrich it by some new items, and if their body doesn’t change over the years, they can create an interesting outfit.

Many people imagine fashion as a crammed wardrobe or a closet full of threads and the next day when they are standing on front of them they say the common sentence: I have nothing to wear! How can I reach being unique, that I like myself and others like me, and at the same time didn’t have to fight with the pile of clothes that are useless?

Daniela Abelovská
Daniela Abelovská

The most important is that the woman is herself and doesn’t pretend to be somebody else. It’s really difficult to make from 150 cm tall woman a 180 cm tall “stilt-legged woman”. It’s important to accept what nature endowed us with; to realize that neither the age nor physical proportions we can’t change. Of course you can lose some weight, work out, etc. But once you are short, you can’t do anything about it. But, if you manage to keep your mind young then the whole life you can enjoy the current fashion trend. Each age can bring to fashion something new – when you are young there are colors, playfulness, with growing age there are elegance and minimalism. I’m sure that fashion doesn’t know the age, fashion is life.

What kind of outfits do you like to design and wear? Do you wear any AD-STYLE items?

For everyday use I prefer sport elegance, simple clothes, layered fashion without any excessive accessories. For me the most important are material and a good design. I don’t need to leave people breathless by my appearance. It’s enough for me to know that I’m dressed in an interesting  way and people around you will tell you that’s fine. Dressing for events? Definitely something small or big black but simple. There is beauty in simplicity, the personality won’t die and the magic of a person will stand out, body, cut and material. My moto is more is sometimes less. The most important thing is to keep your style. And don’t forget that the first impression is not only overdecorated dress. There are also accessories, make-up, hair, shoes, hands… Clothes aren’t the last cherry on the top…

Make-up: Renáta Lenčéšová – LeRen

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Text: Bea Vrzgulová, photo: Petra Bernardi Števčíková