A New Beginning

Vision Hyundai

If anybody had the opportunity to look behind the invisible curtain of Korean brands future, they would be really fascinated with the mile steps they caught up with their competition and the introduced developed concepts that point out to even bigger reinforcement of their future positions.

One of the examples is the study of the Hyundai Le Fil Rouge model, translating as the common thread.

A smooth transition between exterior and interior is provided by “tube architecture” which is preserved in vehicle’s interior.

The newest concept Le Fil Rouge for automobile design of the South Korean brand represents a new beginning and points out to the direction, which it could develop in the future. Even the name of the study evokes that the past, present and future designer styles of the brand are interconnected. “Le Fil Rouge is a new interpretation of the Hyundai brand, which roots go back to the historical study of the Hyundai Coupe Concept from 1974,” said Luc Donckerwolke, executive vice president of the Hyundai design center. The objective was to create an automobile that would be as recognizable and irreplaceable as Hyundai. Attractive proportions are given in particular by the long wheelbase, large wheels and short overhangs. A large distance from the front wheel axle to the windshield contributes to the comfort behind the steering wheel. The entire appearance concludes a higher position of the side windows bottom line. The particular style of the concept is irreplaceable thanks to the wide layer hood in combination with the cascade radiator cover, which is characterized by three-dimensional processing.

Vision Hyundai

Simple Architecture

Parametrical gems in the inner part of the radiator cover, give the vehicle a spectacular design. At the same time the designers wanted to come up with a perfect function. That’s why, for example, the ventilation system, inspired by aviation technology, leads the flowing air through the curved surface of a light and tube architecture. By this concept, Hyundai demonstrates a new approach labeled “light architecture” which creates a dynamic design. The vehicle creates an illusion of moving forward. The front and rear roof pillars and the roof fit into its overarching silhouette as if it was drawn by a single line. The idea of “sensual sport style” should embody all future Hyundai vehicles, from hatchbacks through sedans and station wagons to SUVs. The objective of the new idea is to give beauty to the model, create emotional values and desire. Vision Hyundai

The design is defined by the harmony between proportions, architecture, style and technics. A smooth transition between exterior and interior is provided by “tube architecture” which is preserved in vehicle’s interior. The inner design differentiates between driver and passengers’ necessities. The front passenger seat provides comfort and generous space for legs, while the driver’s seat with an optimized ergonomics, contributes to more pleasure while driving. Panoramic “floating” display is located in front of the driver and enables air conditioning intuitive control and other vehicle settings. This is the real future through the eyes of the Korean Automobile company.

Text: Tomáš Vaněk, Jindřich Lasík, photo: Hyundai