Lights Designed in Slovakia Scored at the Dubai Fair


FOSALI® presented unique design chandeliers to thousands of visitors and developers from nearby countries and Africa at BIG 5 – the largest building exhibition in the Middle East.

Optical fiber based lamps, using the latest LED technology and hand-blown glass, have been enriched by the original TREA stand lamp. The exhibits were so interesting that the organizers used it for the official video of the exhibition.

FOSALI® is characterized by dominant installations and grandiose chandeliers, which today decorate a number of public and private spaces all over the world.Fosali

Pursuit of Originality

FosaliThe development of new lights continues to grow. With each new presentation, we try to create something original, whether it’s design or material. It’s a demanding and most of the time a journey full of detours. The brand, for example, has been looking for suitable glassmaker in Slovakia for a long time; eventually they tried luck in traditional glassworks in the Czech Republic and immediately succeeded. The models also feature SWAROVSKI or ASFOUR crystals.

The very ideas that preceded the creation of unique lights come from Slovakia, and the lights are also produced there. They are also created in cooperation with Slovak designers – MEJD, Juraj Karlík, Lubo Majer and others. With every new design, the brand pushes the boundaries, whether illumination or technical, while trying to incorporate new materials.

The emphasis on chandelier design and manufacture itself is on the quality of materials and precise manual glass processing. An innovative and extraordinary combination of LED technology and optical fiber allows the chandelier to distribute light evenly over its entire length, thus to enrich large and tall spaces up to a dozen feet. Extremely long service life, flexibility, low serviceability and, in particular, no limits in design make this technology an extremely innovative means of illuminating interiors.

Since hand-blown glass has its weight, both optical fibers and base are made of lighter materials, with an average weight of 10-50 kg.Fosali

Success in the World

Since its beginnings in Slovakia, FOSALI®’s corporate philosophy has been focused on custom-made atypical solutions. The initial intention got successful; the clientele that can appreciate the added value of manual work and technical knowledge or the ability to solve the most demanding projects started to search for the products.

FosaliAt the same time, FOSALI® was driven by the desire to expand and introduce interesting products to foreign markets. The very emergence of the brand was rather a baptism of fire. In 2014, it registered in the worldwide Light and Building Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. However it required attracting and surprising visitors and the organizer with original design lights. Therefore, a number of models emerged in a short time and had to be immediately incorporated into the emerging catalog. The FOSALI® portfolio made unexpected success in Frankfurt, and the desire to move the brand even further made the brand to appear on another prestigious design fair in Milan, Italy. The exhibits notched up success too. At this fair, the brand established a business relationship with the Middle East by selling a chandelier for the Dubai showroom, and for that time the world’s largest light fixture in Bahrain. Further chandeliers then traveled to Jordan, Sri Lanka, the Baltic republics and several Western European countries. In 2018, the farthest partner was “beaten” by new French client who bought a design light into the USA. Today Russia is an important market for the brand, and Russian customers in various European countries are interesting too.

Text: Daniel Koštál, photo: FOSALI®