Do You Sit a Lot? The Solution for You Is a “Wise” Chair

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Many centuries ago, the ancient Greece`s well-known philosopher Pythagoras said that the gods set limits for us to have perfect health.

Perhaps he did not know what the true essence of this thought would be in the far future.

Various bad habits and the overall way of our lives entail the risk of losing a sense of boundaries, which can be resolved in any area, for example in the form of health problems.Antares Eurotrade

Despite the fact that we are born with the natural need of movement, which is a characteristic feature of our life, under the pressure of various circumstances, technical achievements and inventions, which are to make our life more pleasant and make it as comfortable as possible, we are increasingly eliminating the movement of our lives, gain on weight and expand our personal portfolio of diseases. MUDr. Pavel Malovič, Famous physician writes in his book How to Keep Young that every muscle of our skeleton needs at least two hundred daily stimulations to stay more or less fit and other three hundred to improve its condition and flexibility.

Thousands of Hours

Antares EurotradeWe move less and spend more time sitting – would you believe that in average we sit more than three thousand hours a year? The seating position is absolutely unphysiological, unnatural for the human being, and if we overdo it, the consequences can really be serious. Obesity, varicose veins, backache, problems with intervertebral plaques, headaches, migraine…

“Scientific studies have shown that the pressure on the lower intervertebral discs is higher when sitting on the typical chair than standing. It’s one of the apparent paradoxes of the spine, “is stated in the publication Pain in the lower back and Pilates. Monika Klenková and MUDr. Július Kazimír.

There is Always a Solution

You would certainly say how easy it is to talk about how bad excessive sitting is but what can you do about it? As we sit in most of our jobs, we don’t have much space to alternate sitting and standing position with just a short movement and enough time so it doesn’t affect our health…

However, we mustn’t forget that even the best quality chair won’t save us if we don’t compensate the long sitting with enough movement.

However, the apparent solutionless situation isn’t actually so. First, you have to learn to sit properly and you should also choose a suitable chair or office chair.

Regarding the way of sitting, the problem is mainly a long static sitting, in which the knee and hip joint are roughly in one line. The spine, discs suffer and they result into pain, but also in lower limb blood flow, hemorrhoids, or tingling of the hands. Sitting is even worse than standing, if you do not sit properly for a long time, your muscles will become weak and there will be a heavy load on the intervertebral discs. It can easily happen that, even with a seemingly small and harmless movement, the disc may herniate together with pain and other difficulties. In order to harm your disc you don’t have to have an accident…

How to Sit Properly

There is a wide range of chairs and everyone can choose according to their individual needs depending on the type of work and body composition.

Bad sitting often causes backaches or headaches, and in that case many people go for painkillers. It isn’t a good solution, because medicine, although they relieve pain, don’t treat the cause. If you sit for more than six hours a day at the computer, you are most likely to be among those who have problems with backaches, often of cervical spine, because this suffer the most. And people who suffer from these pains are alarming quantity up to 90%. So How to Sit Properly? The shin should be angled with the thighs with a 90-degree angle, the monitor should be at eye level and your head shouldn’t be forward, the lower back should be supported by a backrest. It’s important for your back to be in the physiological position – even during long sitting, so natural curvature is ensured all the time.

There Is No Chair Like a Chair

The correct sitting position is difficult to maintain, when sitting on an ordinary classic chair. That’s why professionals who work in the field of ergonomics – health protection for a variety of human activities – have developed shapes and options to adjust your office chair so your spine doesn’t suffer and is protected for long time when sitting.Antares Eurotrade

Preventing the bad consequence of incorrect sitting can be done not only by change of bad movement stereotypes but also mainly by choosing the right office chair. The company Antares Eurotrade offers chairs and armchairs that, thanks to the correct seat upholstery and lumbar backrest, protect your back even when sitting for a long time. There is a wide range of chairs and everyone can choose according to their individual needs depending on the type of work and body composition.

If we consider the chair according to Antares Eurotrade’s philosophy as a tool to serve us well, we need to know how to handle it, so that we can do the best for us. The range of the various sophisticated mechanisms that their chairs and office chairs offer, and which have a great variety in settings, and thus the choice of no matter what the specific requirements of the client are, is provided.

Sophisticated Mechanisms

The Antares Eurotrade chairs can be adjusted the angle of the backrest; the rocking mechanism allows you to sit so called dynamically which is recommended for maintaining a healthy back and strengthening of internal muscles. Thanks to the asynchronous mechanism you can also independently tilt and move the seat or backrest, etc. The sophisticated mechanisms used in Antares Eurotrade chairs allow a great variability in different settings that can be basically called a personalized sitting – really everyone can choose a chair which mechanisms allows you to set individual components according to your individual needs.Antares Eurotrade

However, we mustn’t forget that even the best quality chair won’t save us if we don’t compensate the long sitting with enough movement. We should also think about back when relaxing – anyway it’s in movement 24 hours a day.

Text: Miriam Bartošová, photo: Antares Eurotrade