Let the Vacuum Cleaners Work for You


Who wouldn’t like to return to the nice clean house every day after work?

Today, such an idea isn’t unreal at all. There are a lot of domestic helpers that can help you with cleaning and tidying up. In our overview, you can choose from the best robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, which guarantee you day-to-day cleanliness.

iRobot Roomba i7+: With Automatic Dirt Disposal

iRobot is a complex solution for vacuum cleaning. So you really don’t have to worry about anything, you will just enter the clean house. It works without human assistance for a long period of time, for example a month. The iRobot Roomba i7+ doesn’t only vacuum-clean but also reliably empties its dirt disposal and charges the battery. And there’s also an advanced IT mode, which helps precisely to determine where you want to vacuum-clean. It also maps the space while vacuum-cleaning so you can later command it to clean only the kitchen for example but not the corridor or bedroom. The iRobot Roomba i7+ thus is a big leap forward before its competition.  Besides the ring-shaped robot itself, you’ll get a CleanBase docking station for i7+. This allows both the charging, but at the same time it also serves to empty the dirt that the robot has in the meantime vacuum-cleaned in its internal bin (0.6l volume). This can be done 30 times without having to do anything. Once a large dirt disposal bag has been filled in the docking station, you will also get information about it in your mobile app and just change it. And this step is also well elaborated – you change the bag without having to touch the dirt. The bag automatically closes after being pulled out of the docking station. As soon as the bag is replaced, the robot continues vacuum-cleaning. Inside there is a replaceable battery, which lasts up to 75 minutes of cleaning. When the battery capacity drops, the robot returns to the docking station itself and starts charging. You can connect the vacuum cleaner to the mobile app too. In this app the vacuum cleaner can create maps of vacuumed spaces. Roomba i7+ uses Imprint Smart Mapping technology, which works the way that you will see the real map of vacuumed space in the app. This will happen after several cleanings.  If you have interconnected spaces, you can create virtual boundaries between the rooms. You have the option to move and add them.  This will determine what is the kitchen, the corridor and the living room or the bedroom. This will later allow you to clean only specific part or to plan it. iRobot Roomba i7+ is currently the best robotic vacuum cleaner. Its main advantage is the autonomous operation and also the ability to precisely determine where to vacuum. Finally, it communicates in the human language with the familiar names of the rooms. It also has increased vacuum-cleaning intensity and a sophisticated navigation system.

Price: Roomba i7+: 1200 EUR, Roomba i7: 1000 EUR

Borrowed from: iRobot

Price: Roomba i7+: 1200 EUR
Price: Roomba i7: 1000 EUR
Borrowed from: iRobot

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum: A Handy Domestic Helper

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is especially attractive for its price and brand. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is well known for their excellent price/performance ratio and officially sells their robotic vacuum cleaner in Slovakia. The design will not surprise you. It has a circular shape with dimensions 345 × 345 mm and height 96 mm. The vacuum cleaner weighs 3.8 kg and we tested it in a 60 sq m three-room apartment. Using and installing this robotic vacuum cleaner is easy. You just need to unpack the device, plug the docking to the electricity and turn the vacuum cleaner on. Followed by pressing the power button, which activates the vacuum-cleaning itself. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum uses a 360° laser scanner and is equipped with the most effective cleaning technology. The main advantage of the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner is that it can vacuum-clean itself when you aren’t at home. After returning from work, you will come to a clean apartment or house. However, some areas will need to be cleaned manually from time to time, the robot has a limited access to the corners and also can’t close the door and clean behind it. This should be taken into consideration. The Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner can be paired with Mi Home mobile application. Subsequently, you can activate the cleaning, return to the docking station, and switch between vacuum modes (fast, quiet, balanced) using the remote application. It’s also possible to set the automatic vacuum-cleaning schedule and the application will inform you about the process. It’s practical.

Mi Robot Vacuum_06
Mi Robot Vacuum
Price: 329 EUR
Borrowed by: mi-store.sk

Samsung POWERbot VR7000: Vacuums Even the Edges and Corners

The Samsung POWERbot VR7000 is focused on high suction power while maintaining a thin design. It’s only 97 mm tall, so it comfortably fits under the armchair or bed. This increases the chances that it also reaches to really difficult areas. And it also has a Wi-Fi connection.  The POWERbot VR7000 guarantees up to 20 watts suction power and tries to reach all the areas. The Edge Clean Master function allows you to clean the surface right next to the wall, effectively cleaning the area within 1.5 cm of the wall. In the front there is 288 mm wide brush that easily removes the dust and hair. When the vacuum cleaner gets to the wall and detects it, the EDGE inscription lights up at the top, and then the lamella is set to clean as much dust as possible. The robot vacuum-cleans the corners repeatedly.  The self-cleaning brush system, which reduces the amount of dust and especially the hair caught in brush bristles, is very interesting. The dirt is collected into the center of the brush and the knives cut them off. Therefore, only a few impurities are collected and the brush can be easily cleaned. The POWERbot VR7000 features intelligent Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0. They map and save the room outline in the vacuum cleaner memory so it doesn’t miss any areas. The vacuum cleaner monitors obstacles and small items while working, and doesn’t hit them and can clean around them. Power Control technology automatically adjusts the suction power according to the surface that is being vacuumed. If it gets from a wooden floor to a carpet, you will immediately hear how the engine rises and the vacuum cleaner sucks more intensively. The exhaust from the vacuum cleaner is positioned so that the air flow is upward and doesn’t spread the dust around. The battery lasts up to 320 sq m. The vacuum cleaner is charged in the docking station.  However, the POWERbot VR7000 can also be remotely controlled by a mobile application – you can, for example, schedule a vacuum-cleaning, enter a command for intense vacuum at a specific location, and so on. You can also see the history of vacuum-cleaned spaces in the app. From a smartphone or other mobile device, you can turn the vacuum cleaner on or off.  You will appreciate the POWERBot VS7000 the most when there is hair often on the floor or you have a pet in the house. Its great advantage is the ease of dust disposal and also the hair cutting system.

Samsung POWERbot VR7000
Samsung POWERbot VR7000
Tested unit price: 809 EUR (VR20M707CWD)
Borrowed from: Samsung

Electrolux PUREi9: Vacuum from Anywhere

Electrolux PUREi9 has an interesting triangular shape, a completely new camera for mapping the space and it isn’t scared of randomly put obstacles.  The camera is a 3D Vision action member. Which helps the vacuum cleaner precisely map the room and creates the optimum path before the vacuum begins. It analyzes the space around, above and below the vacuum cleaner and it doesn’t run around the room chaotically and also doesn’t run under the bed where it could jam. Because it has a really good suction power, you can hear it. The easiest way to solve this problem is to schedule PUREi9 work when you aren’t at home. The mobile application is ideal for this. It easily allows you to set the day and hour when to vacuum. Thanks to its triangular shape, it also gets into the corners. The External PowerBrush is used mainly for vacuuming along the walls. It’s easy to change it and it should be done after some time. The main rotary brush is placed close to the edge of the vacuum cleaner, and this contributes to a better efficiency when vacuuming next to the walls. Overall, it cleans elaborately and thoroughly. it also includes a docking station to which PUREi9 returns when it stops vacuuming or when its battery capacity drops. After charging PUREi9 returns to the place where it stops. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t fall out of the stairs, thanks to the relatively large wheels; it passes through the room thresholds (up to 22 mm).  Emptying the bin is easy, just push the button at the top and the bin is ejected. This container can be emptied without touching the dirt with your hand. At the top of it there is a filter that can be cleaned from dust and washed with water. It should be changed after 6 months. A mobile app for iOS and Android devices is also available. It’s easy to pair the app with the vacuum cleraner- as a first step, you need to scan a mobile code from the vacuum cleaner to create your own Wi-Fi between the two devices. Then you select a home Wi-Fi network to which the vacuum cleaner will be connected, and you enter the password through the phone. From now on, you can control the vacuum cleaner – start or stop the vacuum, program it, but also update the software in the vacuum cleaner. Successful connection is also signaled by the illuminated Wi-Fi symbol.

Electrolux PUREi9
Electrolux PUREi9
Price: 899 Eur
Borrowed from: Electrolux

Text: Roman Kadlec, Ondrej Macko, photo: Brand Archives