Luxurious and Stylish Living in a Penthouse

Central Park
Who couldn't imagine living in a penthouse in New York City, Manhattan, with a panoramic view of the magnificent Central Park?

The idea of creating this type of apartment was conceived in the 1920s when economic growth brought with it the boom of construction in New York, the center of the American economy.

Rich groups of Americans wanted to live in cities and large, luxury apartments on the top floors of buildings — so the penthouse was born. And although only a wealthy population can afford it, it’s a popular type of housing that almost everyone would like to have.

Living in a penthouse is often about social prestige

Appealing Places in Bratislava

In recent years, Bratislava has become the center of new homes construction, many of them offering a truly high standard, which prices also make our jaw drop.

As a part of new development projects, Sky Park at Mlynské Nivy in Bratislava, which includes a penthouse for almost two million euros, is the most expensive apartment in Slovakia. A large, spacious apartment on the top floor will give its inhabitants not only privacy in a busy city but a perfect view, a huge area or a spacious terrace. Of course, such apartments feature luxury interior. Living in a penthouse is often about social prestige – the perfect and convenient location of the apartment along with the luxurious interior design adds to the exclusivity and significance of its inhabitant.

This apartment located in the first residential Sky Park tower at Mlynské Nivy offers panoramic views from the thirtieth floor to our capital city, along with two loggias and a terrace providing comfort at 300 m2. Its exorbitant price (for Slovaks) suggests that this area will be very attractive and popular in the future for a number of reasons. The price is 1.7 million euros and the future owner should invest about 300,000 euros to the interior design.

One Hyde Park
Living in one of the most expensive penthouses in London’s One Hyde Park complex is exclusive at all points – excellent access to the nearby most famous department stores and the view of the green Hyde Park.

Manhattan Is Home to the Most Expensive One

London belongs to one of the most important Europen metropoles, which is also reflected on the prices of luxurious real estates.

Although two million Euros is an extremely high price for many Slovaks, compared to other countries it’s nothing special. On the list of the most expensive apartments, the first place holds an apartment in Manhattan, New York, which American billionaire Kenneth Griffin bought for an incredible price over 208 million euros, making this amount a record in the United States. This penthouse is part of the 220 Central Park South skyscraper, overlooking a famous green park, nearby the renowned Carnegie Hall. While Manhattan is limited in space, New York as one of the most attractive and most interesting locations in the world, is the construction site of the new and new luxury real estate.

Living near Parks Is the Top

London belongs to one of the most important Europen metropoles, which is also reflected on the prices of luxurious real estates. In the history of the British real estate market, the most expensive apartment became the one in The One Hyde Park, which the new owner bought for 185 million euros. The project design was done by siblings Christian and Nick Candy, who belong to the richest and most famous British real estate developers. The One Hyde Park also has an excellent location – nearby is the well-known large Hyde Park and also one of the most important department stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Its inhabitants can enjoy many advantages of such living, whether it’s luxury, comfort or access to the most famous and most important places in the English capital.

Text: Miriama Vojteková, photo: Pexels, Wikipedia