The Czech book market offers many interesting news


Michala Jendruchová: Tlustá tak akorát (Fat, Just Enough)

Michala Jendruchová
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In the new humorous novel, dissatisfied Květa is overweight, and whatever she does, she fails in losing her weight. Instead of fulfilling her dream to be a confectioner, she started studying career as her parents wished. She is only understood by her grandmother who left her recipe books after she died, with a challenge to prepare every day something new. Květa’s life suddenly changes.

Anya Von Bremzen
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Anya Von Bremzen: Corn, Communism, and Caviar

Anya Von Bremzen grew up in a Moscowian apartment, where eighteen families shared one kitchen. Later, she and her mother emigrated to Philadelphia, and today she is a respected journalist in the area of culinary art. In this book, she captures several decades of the Soviet Union’s successes and falls in a tragicomic way.

Luboš Kulha

Luboš Kulha: Jak mi pomohly kmenové buňky v léčbě mozkové mrtvice (How Stem Cells Helped Me in the Stroke Treatment)

The book focuses on the stunning story of a man suffering from a severe illness at the relatively young age of 46. The author, through his own experience, describes the challenging moments of his life as an unconscious patient addressing uncertainty and questions about who will take care of his family, what the treatment will be like, and what the prospects for improvement are.

Karel Nešpor

Karel Nešpor: Jde to i s úsměvem (It’s Easier with a Smile)

Sometimes only a tiny detail can make us feel better. However, we don’t always know how to do it, so the renowned Czech psychiatrist Karel Nešpor wrote this book. Readers can improve their mood through fun-educational lessons and therapeutic short stories from real life. A good helper can also be a chapter about how to keep it cool all the time.

Martina Fontana

Martina Fontana: Sweet Drug

Sugar consumption in advanced Western countries is constantly growing. Even though we know of its negative effects on our health, we are struggling with this “addiction”. The Berliner writer explains in a comprehensible way various facts about sugar and what can happen in the context of its overconsumption.

Dana Santasová

Dana Santasová: Nejen jóga pro bolavá záda (Not Only Yoga for the Backache)

Unhealthy lifestyle, little movement, bad habits, sedentary work or injury – all of these have a negative impact on our backs. Almost every one of us has experienced what it means when it hurts. This book contains forty simple illustrated exercises to help you get rid of back pain once and for all.

Stephen Hawking a Roger Penrose

Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose: The Nature of Space and Time

In 1994, Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose lectured at the University of Cambridge a series of lectures dedicated to the topics about different problems of contemporary physics. The book is a summary of ideas that were lectured there. Both authors belong to the most prominent physicists, Stephen Hawking, who died last year, was among the most famous and popular science popularizers.

Olavi Huikari

Olavi Huikari: The Miracle of Trees

Professor Olavi Huikari belonged to internationally successful and respected Finnish scientists who studied forests and trees. His knowledge and observations were translated into this amazing illustrated publication about the life of the trees so readers would better understand the secrets of their functioning, growth, and finally, what important role they play in people’s lives.

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