Stylish Speakers or When the Music Is an Experience


We tried speakers, which bodies definitely lie about their performance. You will get much more than you would expect, with full sound quality.

Connecting speakers to increase their performance and increase coverage is an ongoing trend. You don’t have to buy two identical pieces at the same time; you can use the previous generation of the model. Let’s see where the world of multimedia speakers will take us. We chose several pieces that will get your attention.

Panasonic SC-UA30

The best thing you can bring to a party. This is a slightly different speaker. Specially adjusted for sounding private events indoors or in the garden. It’s not water resistant, so beware of rain or snow.

Urban Audio 30 is a dual-band speaker with extra convertor options. Including specially designed construction and bass ports (exhausts). The speaker is 60 cm high, which is quite enough. It’s a little bit massive, but it can be easily moved from place to place. The sound system consists of four 40 mm height convertors and two 130 mm diameter bass convertors. Sound coverage is 180 degrees from the front of the speaker. It ‘s possible to turn on the blue stripe at the top third of the set to get some effects.

All control buttons are on the top. There is switching of inputs, volume and track control, or tuning if you set up FM radio with RDS. The backlit display shows basic information about the mode, playback, and menu items. Each parameter can be conveniently adjusted. Whether it’s a basic mode setting or a more detailed customization of sound. The Panasonic SC-UA30 is the perfect home audio system for children or for garden parties. It’s easy to use, it supports some of the DJing functions, karaoke, and it sounds well. With this standing tower, you create the atmosphere wherever you put it.

Borrowed from: Panasonic

Panasonic UA30
Panasonic SC-UA30, price: 229 EUR

Harman/Kardon Onyx Studio 5

Speakers with non-traditional shape are always interesting. This one is created for the interior. Don’t look for any improvements in water resistance, it’s designed for the living room as a solo piece or as one of the pair that is connected. Available in white, black and blue. It’s based on a more durable design. Nothing old-fashioned or futuristic, rather something between them. The arch with the handle for moving is made of aluminum; the body is made of plastic. It’s coated in speaker fabric. The Onyx Studio 5 is stable and you can even scratch it – it shouldn’t rip up.

To achieve the highest musical performance, the speaker must be actively powered by the supplied adapter. The battery lasts 8 hours; the music performance is slightly lower at the battery. We got used to listen to it with the power adapter; otherwise we would intentionally degrade its performance. Controls in the color of the fabric surface aren’t very obvious and even the LED doesn’t disturb it. The speaker is typically connected via Bluetooth, but you can also use an audio cable connection.

We emphasize easy pairing via Bluetooth. The manufacturer has prepared a speaker that you unpack and plug in.

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Onyx Studio 5, price: 229 EUR

JBL Charge 4

A model that will feel good in the warm room, but also outdoors by the pool or the cottage. High battery capacity delivers power for 20 hours of playing. When you need it, it also charges your smartphone or other accessories. It’s watertight and the IPX7 certification protects it against falling into water. But it’s better to pull and dry it as soon as possible. Finally, this is the resistance that allows you to wash it under running water. The fabric surface protects it from falling and is intended for washing. One of the few multimedia speakers is already charging through the USB-C interface.

The manufacturer used a wide-spectrum converter on the front and added two bass radiators on the side. They are made of rubber, which seals the construction. So the water doesn’t enter. The buttons are on the top of the cylinder and are plastic – two of them are backlit. The rubber base has a set of five LEDs that indicate the status of the battery. The speaker maintains reliably on the spot and minimizes sliding. It’s also well balanced and won’t turn upside down. Charge 4 supports multiple speakers, more than 100, in the chain. It’s interesting, many are likely to use the two speakers to connect them to the extended stereo mode. This is JBL Connect + technology.

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JBL Charge 4, price: 179 EUR

Magnat Prime Classic

A musical delight for lovers of good sound. The speaker has a traditional wooden design. Covered in dark wood (MDF board) and a black cloth hiding two broadband convertors with a diameter of 58 mm. The design has a slight retro touch, but it is extremely practical. The manufacturer has added an 85 mm diameter bass convertor to the bottom to create a truly deep sound. It doesn’t take much space and the controls are on the side. It’s minimalist and doesn’t try to interfere with the design of the speaker. The potentiometric control is used to adjust the volume; by pushing it you can change the inputs. You can choose a Bluetooth with the aptX codec from Qualcomm and a standard 3.5mm input. The speaker can be placed on the table as personal audio, next to the TV or anywhere in the room, however, at least half a meter above the ground to make the sound as good as possible. Magnat Classic has a good sound distribution and you don’t need to put it in any specific direction. The bass convertor has been specially designed to not transmit high vibrations and to produce a sufficiently dynamic sound.

Sound is something you can count on by this speaker. It costs the same as multimedia speakers with better features, and those are in today. For listening at home you are buying something focused on the sound and the price is projected into the construction and sound not to features such as water resistance. You won’t need this. The reward is a strong bass experience with great dynamics. It’s not intrusive but nicely complements the remaining sound bands. The mids are very detailed and will surely recognize individual tones. They are very good in heights, they are clean, and sometimes we damped them a bit by an equalizer.

Borrowed from:

Magnat Prime Classic, price: 199 EUR

Magnat Prime One

This is the more expensive from the two tested speakers, at the same time bigger and more powerful. The body is reinforced with a 10 mm thick aluminum plate. There are control buttons on it. You can adjust the volume and skip between songs or pause them. There is no button to turn off the speaker; this can also be done with the switch on the back. Also, there is an AUX input, and also a USB port with a 2 A output on the back to charge other devices.

Magnat dimensioned this speaker as a 2 × 2 system. On the front side ends, they placed two height convertors with a diameter of 25 mm and to midway two mid basses with a diameter of 84 mm. After Classic model the bass converter is there as well. It’s now 130 mm in diameter, which let’s you sufficiently know about its presence.

Vibration transfer is minimal, so there is no need to speculate about where to place the speaker. Similar to the Classic version, there is a combination of cloth cover. However, the speaker has come to a more modern style in combination with silver aluminum.

We’ve used wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0 with Qualcomm’s aptX to transfer music. It’s the best way; it has only one disadvantage. Each time you change the volume, a beep sounds, which is really annoying. Not only when reaching the maximum volume level. Therefore, it’s better to control the speaker directly with the large volume buttons on the top of the speaker.

It’s one of the best products in the terms of sound in this price segment. The speaker is equipped with a Class D 4-channel amplifier. Low tones are distinctive and dynamic. When you connect them with the four convertors on the front, you get a distinctive sound that is precisely tuned. It sounds more precise than the Classic model. Based on it’s features, it’s natural. The strong point is the overall clarity and detail of the sound, especially the mids. To hear them, you often need only good headphones, especially if they are at the edge of a low bandwidth.

Borrowed from:

Magnat Prime One, price: 399 EUR

Text: Michal Reiter, photo:  brand archives,