The Unique Mediterranean Diet – Why Is It Healthy?


Mediterranean cuisine is delicious and at the same time, healthy! The food and diet have a significant impact on people’s life expectancy. People are trying many diets that are supposedly tested or proved, and that help them lose weight or live healthier.

We often do not know what to eat. Some people say we should eat that way and the others that it is the other way around. People are then confused about what to eat and how much.

The Mediterranean cuisine or the Mediterranean diet is highly preferred among several scientists, nutritional counselors, and doctors. It is scientifically proved that people living in the Mediterranean are healthier and happier. This can be true not only thanks to the menu, but also to the plenty of sunshine and the more phlegmatic way of life. But let’s take a closer look at what the Mediterranean diet includes.Cuisine

The Mediterranean diet includes not only fish and seafood but also olive oil, wholemeal bread, a glass of red wine, fruits and vegetables, all must be fresh, grown in the own garden without the use of fertilizers and other substances.  The Mediterranean diet is very beneficial to numerous aspects of our health.  It benefits not only the brain cells but also the body in general, the female problem of proper metabolism, it prevents heart problems and cancer.  Many studies have concluded that the more we stick to the Mediterranean diet, the less the brain ages. It also benefits the rejuvenation of the brain and skin. Bread is an essential part of the diet, especially eaten dipped in olive oil, not butter. Various herbs are used instead of salt. Red meat is replaced by chicken or other white meat. Almost anybody can start with this type of diet.Cuisine

Is It Really that Healthy?

Some experts say the Mediterranean diet is not so healthy. For example, a relatively large amount of olive oil is used, some foods are very greasy and this is not beneficial to health. There are also many opinions about drinking red wine, whether it is as healthy as the Mediterranean diet fans say.Cuisine

A healthy lifestyle is based on a healthy diet. This is what can keep us both healthy or sick. The Mediterranean diet is also an option, it depends on you which option you choose.Cuisine

Text: Natália Bosáková, photo: unsplash,