6 Tips for the Best Places to Take Pictures in Lower Austria

Lower Austria
Skywalk - a viewing terrace

Unspoiled nature, sunlit vineyards, ancient walls, and breathtaking views; Lower Austria offers the most beautiful places and tourist destinations made for your profile on social networks.

We are bringing you some tips on what routes and journeys to follow for the most exciting photos. These 6 Hiking Trails are Just across the Border

Tip 1: Wachau World Cultural Heritage Trail

Lower Austria
Aggstein Castle Ruin

On the 180-kilometer hiking trail, you will find the most picturesque paths in the Danube Valley, many romantic ruins, castles, and monasteries, as well as the magnificent Wachau wine region with its stone terraces and steep slopes.

Stop on the Welterbesteig Wachau Cultural Heritage Trail along the Aggstein Castle Ruin and add a little romance to your social network profile. The unique 900-year-old castle towering over the Danube valley is impressive.

On the next trail, this time on the Weißenkirchen-Spitz route, a popular destination for Instagram accounts is the stone terraces and the “Rotes Tor,” which offers a view of the old wine town of Spitz.

Tip 2: Peaks and Valleys around Ötscher Park

The Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park, part of the Mostviertel, offers countless fantastic views and beautiful fauna and flora as if it were made for your Instagram. Record the waterfalls, unique stone formations and the Ötschergräben Valley also referred to as the Grand Canyon of Austria.

The Alpine part of the Mostviertel boasts a majestic hilly landscape, mountain huts, and pastures that provide a soothing view of grazing cows and endless green meadows.

Lower Austria
The Alpine part of the Mostviertel

Tip 3: Hohe Wand Nature Park

Only 40 minutes from Vienna, one of the most photographed places in Lower Austria – the rocky massif in the Gutenstein Alps –  awaits you. On the Felsenpfad Trail, you can follow 200 steel stairs and explore the park from above. Another fantastic place for your Instagram is Skywalk – a viewing terrace where you feel like you’re almost standing in the air.

Tip 4: Peilstein – Limestone Wall

716 meters high, Kalkberg is a frequent Instagram destination thanks to its steep rocky walls and beautiful views. Follow this trail and try to find a “new angle” and take the most original photo.

Tip 5: Ysperklamm

Wild nature, unrestrained river — that is the Ysperklamm Valley in the southern Waldviertel. The fantastic rock formations and waterfalls are fascinating. Try to photograph artfully with the “white veil” effect using clear water and prolonged exposure.

Tip 6: Windmill in Retz

Lower Austria
Windmill in Retz

The Retz trail, which leads through idyllic vineyards and picturesque cellar lanes, invites tourists to an unforgettable wine holiday. We recommend visiting the most extensive wine cellar Retzer Erlebniskeller and the so-called Heuriger. Heuriger are excellent wine pubs offering not only “this year” wines (this is the name for wine made until St. Martin’s day November 11th.) and ciders, but also hot and cold homemade dishes.

On the tourist route, which is only one hour away from Brno, it is worth for your Instagram to take a picture of the windmill, which is located directly in Retz.

Special Tip for Photographers: La Gacilly Festival

La Gacilly-Baden Photo is the largest photo festival in Europe, which has been held in Baden since 2018. The free exhibition will be held from 1 June to 30 September 2019. The Anthem An Die Erde, whose aim is to praise the beauty of the Earth, became its slogan.

Text: Lower Austria, photo: Niederösterreich-Werbung