Don’t risk – Travel Safe and Sound


Summer is in full swing, some of the holidays are planned, adventures almost at hand, and with the happy return home – this is what every traveler wishes for.

You can do many things spontaneously, without doubts and deep thinking. Traveling in this way is becoming more and more popular nowadays. However one thing should be clear to all of us; different country – different rules, language; and the accident is not a coincidence. Therefore, travel insurance should be our companion for every trip, just in case, To feel safe. A friend on the phone – though in the form of an insurance company – is undoubtedly an advantage and a great relief in the case of an event.

There is no need to take risks, and travel insurance should be purchased before traveling. One cannot influence the unforeseen events that traveling often brings but can mitigate their financial impact or at least generally minimize them.Traveling

We should take into consideration different types of insurance. Short or long-term? It all depends on how often and where we usually travel. If it is once a year, for example, for a summer holiday, it is enough to have short-term travel insurance that can cost about 55 euros for 14 days for a family of four (depending on what we want to have covered and where we travel). However, if we go abroad more often, then it is more reasonable to have long-term insurance because we do not have to think about this issue at every trip and it is certainly more economical. The standard family is 120 euros, which is 12 times cheaper than the short term one.

It would help if you did not underestimate the travel insurance.

What Are the Options?

Medical expense coverage is an essential part of travel insurance. Besides you can add more options such as accidents, luggage, cancellation, liability for damage and the like. It all depends on how to spend our holidays – whether just staying in a hotel or enjoying the adrenaline. An important fact, which we underestimate very often, is that we cannot expect the travel insurance to be reimbursed when being treated although the doctors had known about our condition before the trip. This type of insurance is only for unexpected events. Sometimes a dental treatment may also come up on vacation without any previous signs. If you go for a dental check-up regularly, you do not have to worry. In this case, the insurance company covers the treatment. If not, you need to have extra money and can send the bill to yourself.

It is essential to read thoroughly the insurance conditions, especially the section on exclusions. There, it is precisely specified, what you certainly cannot expect from the insurance company to cover.


If you are adrenaline holidaymakers, you need to check what kind of sports are insured and what is not, or which ones should be insured at an additional cost. Swimming, snorkeling, yachting, jet skiing are popular summer sports as well as, rafting and diving – of course, if it is under the supervision of an instructor or if you own a license, which entitles you to do so. Make sure to check if you are going to do such sports on vacation, whether their risks are covered.

The exclusions mostly include martial arts and motorsports, gliders, paragliding, and extreme sports.

Responsibility Is Always with Us

It can help us in unexpected situations, but will not support us in unnecessary risk or inattention to ourselves or our property

Wherever we are, we are responsible for health and material damages to third parties. Every year, there are cases when cycling tourists knock someone down or clog a toilet in the hotel with nappies and flood several rooms. Paying the injured person for material and health damage is not cheap, and the same is the arguing about how much it would cost to repair the flooded rooms… and then to pay for it – it is better not to imagine it and get insured in advance.

In severe cases, there is a risk that it may cost us thousands of euros. If we are insured, it will be more comfortable. Therefore, we make sure that we are insured and liable for the damage. Sometimes, this insurance is already dealt with in the property insurance, where we live at home for the whole Europe. If we are aware that we have it through housing or home insurance, it is enough.

Beware of travel insurance that individual banks offer to a credit card. You should have a look at insurance conditions and check what risks we have insured or which risks are subject to limitation. Payment card insurance may cover all family members, but only if they travel with the cardholder. All this needs to be verified before travel.


It would help if you did not underestimate the travel insurance. It is relatively inexpensive, but very important insurance contract. It can help us in unexpected situations, but will not support us in unnecessary risk or inattention to ourselves or our property.

Text: Mirka Grochalová, photo: Pexels