A Softer Bathroom


We start and finish our day in the bathroom. It is a space where we can also enjoy the fresh start or relaxing evening while looking at the flowers. Get inspired by flower arrangements from Dutch florists.

Tillandsia usneoides
The hanging Tillandsia usneoides, also known as the Spanish moss, has an impressive composition. It prefers light, warm places and high humidity.
Ficus pumila
Ficus pumila is a beautiful and tenacious plant with small leaflets, which prefers higher humidity in the bathroom.
Spathiphyllum is offered in many different cultivars, from small plants with white flowers to plants reaching human height. It does not like direct sun.
The great choice for the bathroom is Maidenhair because it thrives in a humid environment with little or no light.
Tillandsia usneoides
Tilandsie flowers resemble fireworks of colors – purple, scarlet and pink, contrasting with the subtle modesty of simple leaves.

Text: d, photo: Thejoyofplants, Dennis Brandsma, pixabay.com