Gastronomic Bonus from the Tatras

Gašperov Mlyn

When you come to the High Tatras, you will be enchanted not only by wild nature and countless tourist opportunities but also excellent gastronomy.

There are plenty of activities you can look forward to, which also confirms the tour guide Lonely Planet that ranked our mountains as the top European destination for summer 2019. Traveling bonus can be a high-quality and exceptional meal from the famous restaurant called Gašperov Mlyn or from its newly opened Bistro – Moment.

You can indeed find a wide range of tasty beverages as well as great Slovak boutique wines.

If you want to take a break for some time, enjoy the tasty nine-course tasting menu or relax with fine wine, you should book a table in the stylish ambiance of Gašperov Mlyn in  Batizovce in the High Tatras and reserve more time for that evening.

Gašperov MlynGood Food Requires Some Time

The cozy environment for 15 guests is enhanced by the chef Jožko Breza who has been hypnotizing visitors’ taste buds with many culinary specialties for a long time. The chefs make a daily show on a plate inspired by traditional Slovak, Czech, and Central European cuisine. The visit to the Gašperov Mlyn restaurant can be one of the unforgettable stops on a holiday or weekend getaway in the Tatras. However, such an experience restaurant concept was no longer sufficient, so the owners decided to respond to the clients’ requests and open a sister company called Moment – Bistro & Accommodation.

Bistro Concept for Wider Clientele

Slavomíra Raškovič, manager and sommelier, talks about the reasons for expanding the quality food menu: “At the Bistro Moment, we decided to compensate for what Gašperov Mlyn cannot provide. You don’t want a nine-course degustation menu every day. That is why Bistro Moment offers the opportunity to eat well and fast every day, even without the necessity of prior reservation. Gašperov Mlyn’s miniature capacity provides space for only 15 guests, while the Bistro Moment can host 36 guests at the same time. Longer tasting dinner in Mlyn requires, at least three hours of your time, which is too long for the little guests. Unlike the Mlyn Restaurant, the Bistro Moment features a nice kids’ area, so even the tiniest guests can enjoy the stay. We assure our guests that everything tasty, renowned, and sought-after that is on the Gašperov Mlyn’s menu can be found at the Bistro Moment too. In particular, I would like to emphasize cooking with high quality and fresh ingredients, a pleasant environment, and smiling staff. We don’t give up on our traditions, and therefore you can enjoy our talented cooks at your table in both the Mlyn and the Moment. We believe that a significant bonus for the Bistro Moment is to take advantage of bed and breakfast.”

Gašperov Mlyn

Make the Right Choice

Nothing was left to chance in Batizovce, and the right name of the Slovak gastronomy has increased thanks to the Gašperov Mlyn; this means that hospitality has been given a wider dimension and clients have now more options. Are you traveling, for example to Košice and you are starving? Stop for a faster lunch at the Moment – the Bistro is just a short distance from D1 highway exit. You will have a great dining experience, relax at the Tatras foothills and get some energy before your next trip. If you are late at night, do not hesitate to stay and on the next day, you can continue refreshed with the delicious breakfast. However, if you decide to stay in this beautiful location and make several trips to the surrounding area, you can choose a room or apartment in Gašperov Mlyn or Moment.

Gašperov MlynSince the site is very popular, we recommend an advanced reservation. In both places, you will be served food as a tasty, healthy, and quality experience. In the Mlyn, you pay for the menu about 55 euros, in the Moment the price of lunch or dinner ranges from 6 to 20 euros. The advantage of the bistro and fine dining restaurant is the support of local ingredients, the food is prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients, and therefore none of the places feature à la carte menu. The guests are of high importance, and that is why the chefs at the tables are always interested in their “diners’ feelings.” There is professionally trained staff, who is friendly and spares no smile on you. You can indeed find a wide range of tasty beverages as well as great Slovak boutique wines. Also, the new Moment Bistro offers a small conference room with a capacity for 15 people, a Finnish sauna, a tennis court, and a beautiful garden.

Whether you are just passing by Batizovce or planning to stay longer in the High Tatras, try to find time for a great gourmet experience or rest in a European location number one of this season.

Text: Bea Vrzgulová, photo: Gašperov Mlyn