Enjoy Charming Evenings in Seville to the Fullest


Visiting Seville in southern Spain for a day is not enough. You can fully enjoy its atmosphere during at least three days stay. The evenings are the most magical experience.

In the light of street lanterns, walking through the most beautiful parts of the historic center of the important Andalusian city is simply unforgettable. The street musicians and a setting created by majestic historical buildings with saints on facades enhance the romantic atmosphere. It seems like the time has stopped when wandering around the streets and plazas of Santa Cruz – the former Jewish district. This area is worth visiting during the day when cozy courtyards, numerous churches and houses with typically white facades adorned with flowering nutmegs provide a nice escape from the scorching hot weather.


The Cathedral and the Royal Palace

SevilleFull of history, Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is hard to believe that it used to be Europe’s third most populous city. Many great names such as Diego Velazquez emerged here. The city has undergone both prosperity and decline; to this day there are many valuable historical monuments and unique traces of the past, whose story continues.

Many people associate Seville with the famous opera – Carmen and the local tobacco factory. Others with the renowned period of overseas discoveries and Christopher Columbus, who also found his final resting place here. After all, the first steps of the visitor lead straight to Seville’s La Giralda Cathedral. It was built over the former mosque foundations. Its size and interior will mesmerize you. You can see many chapels, the largest Spanish altar, the charming Patio de los Naranjos or the Orange Courtyard and enjoy the view from the tower, which was originally a minaret.

Just a short walk from Seville Cathedral, there is the extensive Royal Palace – Real Alcázar. Although there is a crowd of eager visitors waiting in a line every day, it is worth it. The palace is still in use by the Spanish royal family. The unique features of both Islamic and Christian architecture dominate this building. I recommend you to take enough time to visit it and do not miss the magnificent palace gardens, which are among the most beautiful old Spanish garden architectures. Enjoy the relax in the shade of massive cypresses, blooming bougainvillea, fragrant myrtle, and get enchanted by the sound of gurgling water.


You can also find lots of fragrant subtropical greenery in other places in this city. It’s nice to try a horse-drawn carriage to the pleasant park of Maria Luisa, adjacent to the beautiful Spanish Square, which is reportedly the most beautiful in the city. You can admire the exhibition palaces made of traditional Seville brick and ceramic architecture. If you are lucky, you might spot flamenco dancers.


Trading Empire

The Guadalquivir River was once an important artery of this city. If you walk along the waterfront or take a cruise, you’ll still see the remains of the famous business past – the old tower of the Moorish times – Torre del Oro. Today it houses the Maritime Museum, where there used to be unloaded the treasures imported from faraway America. A few meters from this place you can see one of the oldest bullfighting arenas in Spain or go a little bit farther and try tasty tapas in the numerous marketplaces or discover the charming streets of the old art district called Triana. However, this beautiful city can offer much more.

Text: Daniel Košťál, photo: author, pixabay.com