How to Wear and Match an Engagement Ring?


Jewelry is an integral part of many women’s lives. And there’s no wonder. Jewels enhance every outfit, give it the right touch, and attract people’s attention.

Even though a woman does not scorn any jewelry, she longs for one even more than for the others – the engagement ring. It is the most precious and dream jewel for many representatives of the gentle sex. Would you like to know how to wear this ring and match it with other jewelry and clothes?

Kneeling of a loved one, tears in the eyes, and romantic movie-like scenes. Many women long for proposing since their childhood. And the engagement ring is the most beautiful symbol of everlasting love. Even though you should give it up after the wedding and replace it with a wedding ring, nowadays you can safely skip this step. Wouldn’t it be a shame to put such a precious piece of jewelry into a jewelry box and not to boast it anymore? Definitely yes. Therefore, we are bringing you a few tips on how to let the engagement ring “star” not only next to the wedding ring:


1. Simplicity Above All

Simple things are always in. As a classic pearl necklace is a fixed star among the necklaces, the combination of a more vivid engagement ring and a smooth wedding ring is the most popular choice. It is a safe choice which even perfectly matches any outfit.

A new trend on the market is engagement sets.

2. Engage Your Creative Spirit

Have you ever thought about turning your ring into an unusual pendant? If not, now is the right time! Decorating the chain with an engagement ring can be very helpful, especially if it doesn’t fit you or if you don’t like it. It’s a handy and original solution. You can also work creatively to enhance your engagement ring with others in your collection. Thoughtful layering is a guaranteed way to attract curious views.

3. An Engagement Set

A new trend on the market that still many spouses do not know about is engagement sets. Buying such a set, which consists of an engagement ring and a wedding ring, is an excellent solution for the future husband so he can save time spent revisiting the jewelry store. However, it can also be a practical choice for a woman. The sets contain rings that fit together or complement each other. Therefore, wearing them on one finger is both trouble-free and design-friendly.


4. Don’t Forget about the Manicure

Yes, you can also enhance your nail polish with the engagement ring. Properly selected color can further enrich the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones or underline the uniqueness of precious metal. So what color tones to choose? Delicate pink shades are the best friends with rubies and other red gems, fiery colors revive classic colorless stones, and dark to black shades add a touch of luxury into every combination.

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