Oral Herpes Is on Its Way


Stinging, itching, soaring, and annoying blister? Oral herpes is on its way. How to deal with it?

Oral herpes is a result of the weak immune system. The cause is the herpes simplex virus. Oral herpes is the most widespread viral disease. It has been in our body since we were born, but it only “emerges” when our immune system is weakened. Herpes can also pop out in case of excessive stress, trauma, or sports overload.

The best idea to boost our immune system is to take lots of vitamins and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The most important vitamins for herpes withdrawal are vitamins B and C.


You should take vitamins in the long term. Everything takes time, so you need to have a cure for at least three months. Especially if you are often ill and your immunity is quite weak.

Vitamin C strengthens immunity, too; you can easily opt for its natural form.

Antivirals are another suitable alternative. They reduce herpes more quickly, and it is a good idea to take them together with vitamins. The best known free antivirals include aciclovir and penciclovir. These are active substances found, for example, in Herpesin or Vectavira. These are creams that are applied to the affected area several times a day.

Cannabis serum is also very useful. It dries herpes up and is also one of the alternatives to combat this unpleasant virus. You can also apply it several times a day.


L-lysine is an essential amino acid that the body cannot produce itself. Lysine helps to strengthen our immune system and is also suitable for herpes.

L-lysine is found in parmesan, fish, beef and pork, lentils, peanuts, and beans. The most significant amount of L-lysine in foods is contained in hard cheeses.

Text and photo: www.vaselieky.sk