A Jewel among Perfumes

Shumukh boasts two records in the Guinness Book.

It is very unusual to hear about the perfume that is listed in the Guinness World Record Book. However, Shumukh is genuinely unique. Its bottle is decorated with more than 3500 diamonds, topaz, pearls, and is entirely made of gold. The price has risen to 1.152 million euros, which makes it now the most expensive perfume in the world.

The particular cosmetic company from Dubai, Spirit of Dubai Parfums by Nabeel, has recently presented the world’s most magnificent jewel of their production. Shumukh’s unique unisex fragrance concealed in a 1.97-meter high bottle is the only most luxurious and expensive perfume in the world so far.

The splendid Shumukh

Symbol of Arabic Culture

Shumukh in Arabic means “deserving the highest.” The three-liter flacon with this luxurious fragrant essence is filled with 3571 shiny diamonds (38.55 carats), topaz and precious pearls, and is covered with 18-carat gold (2479.26 grams) and 5.892,88 grams of pure silver. The perfume presents seven key elements that are part of Arabic culture: pearls, falconry, Arabian horses, roses, luxury, Arabian hospitality, and Dubai as the city of the future. The ultra-opulent and strong scent is composed of many exclusive ingredients from all over the world, including Turkish rose, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and Indian agarwood oil.

The Origin

The perfume’s creator is the master perfumer Asghar Adam Ali from the United Arab Emirates, who is also the founder and director of the Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies. He has been working on the production for three years, together with experienced and renowned perfumers from Switzerland, Italy, and France, including the best French perfume makers who have won the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France award. Before the perfume saw the light of the day, up to 494 tests had been carried out.

The perfume’s creator: Asghar Adam Ali

The Record-breaking Perfume

Shumukh is the only perfume in the world to set up to two records in the Guinness Book: “Most diamonds set on a perfume bottle” and “Tallest commercially available remote-controlled fragrance spray bottle.” The customers can choose a customized perfume bottle design, with all precious stones, pearls, gold, and silver with their original certificates. The perfume is sold only by made to order.

Text: Michaela Mičatková, photo: www.thespiritofdubai.com