Top TVs for Your Living Room


The quality of TVs has risen significantly over recent years. Current trends include a slim design, USB ports, HDMI inputs, as well as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, satellite tuner with decoder card slots, etc.

4K display resolution is now a standard, although native broadcasting in this format is not standard at all. Even today, only several satellite stations broadcast in 4k, and you can find this content on online services such as YouTube or Netflix.

Why is 4K TV Necessary?

What is essential is that the TVs can calculate content from a lower resolution to 4K, so you can realize the potential of the display you bought. Today the most significant difference in TVs is how the resolution is calculated from low to high. The appropriate software and potent processor are the keys to the better calculation of the resolution in real time. Thus, today’s televisions are rather large-screen computers, and the software uses artificial intelligence to recognize the displayed image.

Powerful Sound

With low light, you can see inspiring images on the TV screen to complement the room atmosphere.

Another factor that matters when buying a new TV is sound. It is not easy to build speakers with a powerful bass component into the narrow body of the TV. But the producers are doing well so far. Sometimes the bass sound component is created by a special device on the back of the TV. Plus, some producers have built the whole soundbar into the TV.

So the TV Can Be on for More than 4 hours a Day

The current trend is to use the TV to display images not only for the usual 4 hours of the day but to extend it, for example, for 8 hours. The thing is that a TV with the screen off has a more disruptive effect in the living room. So how to solve the problem with a big black TV screen that reminds of a black hole? It merely needs to be lighted up so that electricity consumption is as low as possible. The TV producers like Samsung or LG have begun to associate it with art galleries, making your TV a place where you can meet art at home. With low light, you can see inspiring images on the TV screen to complement the room atmosphere. And there are other (even more dynamic) options to show on the screen when it’s not a movie or TV show.


Samsung QE55Q70R

Samsung QE55Q70R is a TV with QLED display, which has improved significantly. Now such a display reaches a much wider viewing angle. So you do not have to sit right in the middle in front of the TV to get the best screen quality, but you can also watch it from a 60 ° angle. This is also due to Direct Full Array technology, which is a direct backlight. In the past, the light source was only on the edges of the display. If you watch modern movies, you will also use their HDR 10+ and HLG metadata. What’s new is support for Tunes TV and Airplay on Samsung TVs. You’ll also see messages from SmartThings on your TV.

Samsung has used Quantum HDR 8X technology to show details in the picture in both dark and light scenes with the Q70R. This TV also coped with the situation when the projection room is lit by daylight.

TV Samsung QE55Q70R
Samsung QE55Q70R

Quantum 4K processor is used here to recalculate the image (but also the sound). Recalculation uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Ambient mode is a distinctive feature of Samsung TVs. This means the above-mentioned displaying of the image outside the main watching range. With the app, you can even set the mode that your TV will display a picture that is behind the TV. As a result, it may look as if the TV becomes transparent.

We also appreciated the sound. Well, the Q70R is undoubtedly not the thinnest TV but has a perfect bass component. The stated music power is 40 W, and you can use it when playing games. It can handle high-speed scenes without noticeable delay. The Q70R is also available in 65-inch.

TV Samsung QE55Q70R
The Ambient mode is a distinctive feature of Samsung TVs.
Price: 1699 €

Sony KD55XG8505BAEP

Sony has shown on this TV how to combine the scenes on a thin edge LED TRILUMINOS display and Acoustic Multi-Audio using the X1 processor. This processor is behind advanced 4K X-Reality PRO technology for 4K resolution, which works very well. Object Enhancement uses HDR to analyze the color of each object on the screen and adjust the contrast.

The design of this TV is smart, sleek, and does not distract from viewing. We also like the cleverly hidden cabling in the feet on the pedestal. By the way, you do not need any screws to install the stands when placed on a table – finally.

Acoustic Multi-Audio adds two additional speakers to distribute sound to the Sound-from-Picture Reality bass-reflex speakers located at the back of the TV. This is a simulation of sound propagation from the center of the screen, and we conclude that it is very faithful. You can have a great experience.

Other technologies that are included in the XG850 are Dolby Vision that brings a better viewing experience to the scene, and Dolby Atmos, which fills the room with surround sound. The TV also supports DTS audio decoding. The XG850 is one of those recommended by Netflix as a suitable model for watching this broadcast. The TV is also available in 65, 75, and 85 inches.

The operating system is AndroidTV, and you can easily set up your TV via your Android phone. So you have no problem with apps or connecting to your smartphone. The remote control is thinner and more rounded, the TV is more comfortable to use. Besides, you can use the remote control to control other devices connected via HDMI.

TV Sony KD55XG850
Sony KD55XG850
Cena: 1299 €

TCL 55DC760 

The TCL C76 display on the top is only 7.6 mm thick. At the bottom, there is an integrated soundbar made in collaboration with the JBL. We will mention the sound later, but it is already clear that the C76 provides excellent sound.

The overall design of the TV is beautiful – because there is no frame visible on the three edges, and the sides of the corners are stylishly rounded. Even with the integrated soundbar, the C76 can be hung on the wall.

TV TCL 55DC760
Two remote controls come with the TV. We used a larger one, we liked the direct button for Netflix.

In addition to 55 inches, the VA LCD can also be 49 and 65 inches. The resolution of the 10-bit panel is 4K UHD, the TV supports HDR PRO, and the PPI value is 1700.

TCL uses Android TV 8, which means support for all major applications, Smart TV, voice control via Google Assistant, and support for Google Home. You can also add a gamepad to your TV and play games on it. The C76 also includes a built-in Chromcast, so connecting TV and a smartphone is very easy. You can view videos or photos from your smartphone. It also supports iPhones or iPads, as well as Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

All in all, this TV provides you with exceptional sound; we watched action movies full of explosions, and we also enjoyed playing a classical music concert. This audio system supports DTS decoding in addition to Dolby.

TV TCL 55DC760
TCL 55DC760
Price: 599 €

Text: Ondrej Macko, photo: brands archive,