Český Krumlov – The Jewel of Southern Bohemia

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is a genuine gem of Southern Bohemia, where everything glows with history. You can see that in the name of the city, which comes from the German “Krumme Aue” meaning “curvy pastures”.

It points to the shape of the territory in which the city is situated – it lies in the S-curved meanders of the Vltava River. Moreover, local history is not only rich but also long. The first mention of the town comes from a document dating back to 1253.

Český Krumlov

How did Krumlov deserve to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992? The unique monuments were left here mostly during the three centuries of the reign of the Rosenbergs (1302-1602), when the city flourished the most. Thanks to the fruitful contacts between the Czech hinterland, the Austrian and Bavarian Danube regions, and northern Italy, the town gained a breathtaking Italian Renaissance style. The Baroque decoration dates back to the Schwarzenberg period; at the end of the 17th century, a baroque theater was built in Krumlov, and the chateau garden gained an entirely new character.  There is a lot of history, and traveling is mainly about experiences, so the visitors of Český Krumlov will have many.

Český Krumlov

Discover Krumlov in Winter!

Whether it be sports, culture, gastronomy, or activities with children, the offer is rich all year round. There are many outdoor activities, mostly in warm months, but winter also has its magic: snow-covered streets and roofs of the historical buildings are really amazing. It gives you a completely different atmosphere of the place because you can enjoy and discover the soul of the city. Advent time is filled with lots of beautiful events, for example, lighting up the Christmas tree with carols, the St. Nicholas’s parade, and Santa Claus’ post office. The magical culmination of the pre-Christmas period is the real-life nativity scene – a biblical story portrayed by singing and dancing accompanied by an excellent orchestra.

During the Advent weekends, the old Bohemian Christmas markets open up, and the whole town is filled with sweets and punch and tune everyone up. Not only families with children can experience Christmas Eve, which begins with a meeting at the first castle courtyard on the occasion of Bear Christmas.  Český Krumlov’s New Year’s Eve also has its unmistakable charm, and at the end of February, you can look forward to Krumlov shrove tide festival. Colorful costume parades are accompanied by street performers, jugglers, and musicians. Moreover, you can experience a shrove tide feast with traditional pig slaughtering specialties.

Český Krumlov

Hotel OLDINN – Where the Stories Begin

Winter also means better accommodation prices. That is why there is a possibility to stay in the city longer and enjoy the real winter atmosphere with sitting at the crackling fireplace and sipping a cup of hot tea just before bedtime. The recently renovated Hotel OLDINN offers not only a fireplace and a pleasant atmosphere but also another view into the rich history of the city. Extensive renovation has given the hotel a modern look while preserving the genius loci of all three buildings on Svornost Square, whose history dates back over 600 years. OLDINN

In one of the buildings, Renaissance ceilings and wall paintings from the 16th century with scenes from the work of the transformation of the Roman poet Ovidius were discovered during the renovation. The hotel offers rooms in a timeless style respecting the character of the monument and modern amenities, guests also have a wellness area in the nearby Hotel Ruža. The accommodation includes a buffet breakfast, and a top gastronomic experience awaits you in the hotel’s two restaurants. Le Nood Wok & Sushi offers modern and fresh Asian cuisine and gives an attractive choice to those who do not choose from Krumlov restaurants with the Czech menu.


Stay Longer – Discover More!

For those who really want to discover Krumlov and its surroundings, there is the hotel package, “Stay longer – discover more!” You will receive four nights for two for a special price, so you will have enough time to explore the surroundings of Krumlov. Among the most interesting all-day winter activities are in addition to skiing in ski resorts Lipno and Frymburk also adrenaline snowkiting. The power of the kite glides you on the snowboard through the snow-covered field. Thanks to the large frozen area and right weather conditions, Lipno is ideal for snowkiting.


Whether on skis with a kite, or when crossing the Lipno ice artery on skates, you will freeze up to beauty and health. To warm up again, the special package at OLDINN Hotel offers you free access to the Wellness Center of the Hotel Ruža, a half-hour massage for two and three-course stylish dinner. What else can you wish for a perfect winter day?