Liposuction: Queen of All Surgeries


It is an absolute hit among aesthetic surgery treatments. All around the world, liposuction is the most desired and performed correctional surgery. It is popular with both women and men, and it can be adjusted to the part of the body that is most bothering you.

Increasingly Popular

Thanks to modern technologies, liposuction does not require a long period of convalescence, and clients are delighted with the results. The surgery is less invasive and almost painless. At our clinic, we will explain what to expect, add up the smart hand of a surgeon, warm customer care, and ENVY atmosphere.


Ferrari among Liposuctions – state-of-the-art technology that extracts fat from all areas of the body. The surgery minimizes swelling and bruising, and the tissue is free of unnecessary trauma. With Vaser HiDef, we can even shape the body and pronounce the muscles. The results are immediately visible, convalescence is short, and skin in the treated area is firm. Besides, this method is very gentle, effective, and provides the possibility of sucking out multiple areas at once. The ultrasound sucks fat from the body.


Important Facts:

  1. The skin will be firmer. By ultrasound, the skin in the treated area quickly contracts after the surgery, so that it is not loose and sagging, as it is usual with other types of liposuction.
  2. It removes fat from the problematic area. However, it does not treat obesity. To undergo ultrasound liposuction, you must be fit and have a current preoperative evaluation.
  3. It is usually done under general anesthesia, and after consulting your doctor, your desired amount of fat is sucked out.
  4. You will not gain weight if you understand that fat cells do not multiply; they increase or decrease. Liposuction will reduce them, but your metabolism remains the same after the operation. If you consume more energy than you burn, the fat will begin to accumulate again. The remaining cells in your body will enlarge.
  5. On the abdomen, liposuction can only remove fat deposited subcutaneously, not the fat stored under the abdominal wall (visceral fat).
  6. You can go back into the everyday routine after just two days, do sports after a few weeks, and admire a visible change in the mirror – immediately.

MUDr. Mahdi Nasab

plastic and aesthetic surgeon, head of the Plastic Surgery Department of ENVY Clinic

VASERLipo® and Fat Transfer Specialist

  • VASER Lipo® – the first to bring this method to Slovakia
  • Liposuction – sucking up fat (from chin, neck, shoulders, knees, abdomen, hips, thighs)
  • Fat transfer – breast enlargement with own fat, Lipofiling – body fat can be used to fill wrinkles, scars, facial deformities, lips, breasts and the like
MUDr. Mahdi Nasab
MUDr. Mahdi Nasab

Text: editorial article, photo: archive