BMW X2 M35i: The Compact Predator


Currently, there is a great demand for sports-utility cars or crossovers. BMW brings a compact car with the X2 label and the M Performance tag.

Decorated with a tricolor M-metal edition and fitted with the most potent four-cylinder BMW tag, this car is a challenge for those who have aesthetic hearts and admire a world of exceptional dynamism.


From the outside, you can recognize this car by several M-style elements, such as modified bumpers, the front has air inlets lined with chrome frames, the rear has a pair of exhaust pipes. The front fenders is not missing letters M with the traditional three stripes. The 19-inch tires fit perfectly in the fender slots, and the chassis can be mounted on a 20-inch impressive M Sport light-alloy wheel, fitted with 225/40 R20 runflat tires as optional. As a whole, the BMW X2 M35i xDrive looks sporty, dynamic, and elegant.


Stylish and Individual

When entering the higher position behind the wheel, you get into a premium environment, and you are welcomed by top materials and high-quality workmanship. The comfortable seating behind the steering wheel, the anatomically shaped front M sports seats with optional electrical adjustment (even the side parts of the backrest) provide a good sitting position with distinctive lateral guidance during dynamic driving in the curves. The “Em” steering wheel with a small diameter is thin enough to fit well into your hands. Below, there are levers for changing the automatic transmission gears. The instrument panel is occupied by large dials of the tachometer and the speedometer, so that information is at hand. The display in the center of the dashboard displaying relevant data is another plus. Although the touch screen is intuitive and safe to operate, they are mainly offered by the iDrive control knob and buttons.


It may sound a bit worn out, but the cockpit is driver-oriented, giving it the ability to operate the vehicle safely and comfortably. The internal dimensions create enough space for the crew not only in the front but also around 180 cm in the rear positions. When carrying cargo or travel bags, you can use the 470 l luggage compartment. When the back seat is folded down, there is no step, and the capacity increases to 1355 liters.


Feeling of Delight

The BMW X2 M35i xDrive is a car that can meet the expectations of sports enthusiasts.

The top-of-the-line BMW 2.0 TwinPower Turbo unit delivers maximum power of 225 kW (306 hp)/5000-6250 rpm and 450 Nm/1750-4500 rpm. Its technological second is an 8-speed automatic transmission with Launch Control. After the first few meters, it is clear that the engineers also lend this engine a well-tuned exhaust system, which brings the auditory organs of the crew rich sports sound. The supercharged gasoline engine delivers its distinctive tractive power over a wide operating speed range from 2000 to 6500 rpm. This crossover can handle the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9, with a top speed of 250 km/h, the harmony with 8-speed automatic transmission is excellent as usual. In sports mode, the transmission quickly changes gears, the powerplant can impressively “squeak” into the exhaust pipe. This only enhances the perfect impression when driving this beautiful sports vehicle. It provides you with excellent driving contact with the road while driving – thanks to precise electromechanical steering with a stiffer power steering.


Chassis Enhancements

Another contribution to the great feeling of driving the X2 M35i xDrive is the more rigid and ideally balanced chassis with M Sport suspension, an optional adaptive suspension with two manual adjustment modes is available. The front axle has a self-locking M Sport Differential, which increases the grip of the front wheels. The rear axle has been enhanced too. The compact crossover can handle curves with a perfect balance, and you will feel that this vehicle has ample trace stability reserves.

Such a chassis will suit those who do not mind with less comfort and put the sporty character of the vehicle to the forefront. As a result, you might notice small tilts when driving dynamically in the curves. The Reliable deceleration is provided by M Sport brakes with blue fixed calipers.

Fuel consumption depends on your driving style, and you can even select the Eco Pro driving mode. This mode can be used if you decide to drive more efficiently and comfortably. The combined fuel consumption reported by the manufacturer is 8.3/8.6 liters of petrol/100 km (according to WLTP).


High Level of Security

In addition to the safety features above, several basic safety features are on the board too. And because it is a premium car, there are numerous useful accessories in addition to them. For an extra charge, you can get the fully adjustable seats with the red perforated Dakota Magmared leather with black details, comfortable start, and vehicle access, a head-up display, Driving Assistant, various packages (including features enhancing the safety and comfort of vehicle operation), etc.


The BMW X2 M35i xDrive is a car that can meet the expectations of sports enthusiasts. It is an excellent second vehicle for a family. However, enthusiasts might use it every day. The base price of the car is 55 400 euros, each extra feature or package moves it to the higher digits.

Text: Peter Stano, photo: BMW