Digging into Your Soul

The subconscious

Our subconscious contains a golden vein that offers us success and happiness. All you have to do is discover it and take full advantage of its wealth.

“I am the best!” Muhammad Ali said before his first big boxing competition. Everyone was teasing him and considered his words a desperate cry of a newcomer to hide his stage fear.  But when he won, they began to respect him.  This motto has become a powerful doping that has taken this excellent athlete to the very top. The words he sowed into his subconscious have changed his whole life.

Me & Me

Words are indeed a magic formula that will help us take to the heights. The human mind has two basic parts: consciousness and subconscious. The process of thinking and all decisions take place in our consciousness. Our subconscious does not examine whether our thoughts are true or false, good or bad, but it responds in a way that corresponds to them.

In contrast to consciousness, it does not look for logical connections. The story from the life of the world-famous tenor Caruso proves it. Thousands of people were waiting for their favorite artist. Unexpectedly, Caruso got stage fright. He complained that fear tightened his throat. He felt very ashamed in front of people, but he shivered in fear at the thought of having to go on the stage in a few minutes. “They will laugh at me, I can’t sing,” he said in despair. Suddenly, he pulled it together and shouted in a loud voice, “My SMALL SELF wants to suffocate my BIG SELF in me.” Then he spoke to his SMALL SELF: “Go away, BIG SELF wants to sing!” His subconscious responded by opening the internal barriers. When the moment came, he stepped out onto the stage and warmed the spectators with the brilliant shine of his voice.

However, it is within our power to change our lives.

Caruso knew of the existence of two layers of the soul, the conscious, intellectual sphere on the one hand, and the subconscious sphere on the other.  And he knew that our subconscious was responding to our thinking. If the consciousness (“the small self”) is filled with fear and anxiety, it creates a negative emotional state in the subconscious (“the big self”) that translates into consciousness in the form of inability, panic, bad feeling or despair.

The subconscious

He Can See through the Eyes of the Soul

As soon as the subconscious gets an idea, it takes care of its immediate realization. It uses all the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated at that moment. So from life, we get only what we put into the subconscious, what we convince ourselves. The mistake is not that we want too much, but that we want too little. Great thoughts draw great results.

Henry Ford was only twelve years old when he had an episode, which was crucial to his future life. As he drove home, a chariot without horses appeared in front of him on the dirt road. It was powered by steam coming from a coal-fired boiler mounted on the side of the car. Henry was so impressed by what he saw that he had thought intensely for a long, long time until he had constructed it himself at the age of sixteen. He dreamed of creating a car that would start a new era in society.  He did it as president of an automobile company 29 years later, when the famous Tin Lizzie came into the world, as Americans nicknamed the Model T Ford. Since then, this brand has been a symbol of quality, and to this day, it has sparked admiration not only among fans of motorsports.

The founder of the famous automobile company set his goal when he was a teenager, and as soon as he did so, he also engaged his subconscious mind and started on the road to fulfilling it. He made no compromises; he did not think about the plan being realistic or not. He just said he wanted it.

Nothing should limit us in our thoughts.

Source without Bottom

The subconscious responds to every thought with the sensitivity of a precise instrument. If we use negative statements, we already condemn ourselves to failure in advance. We must trust each other; otherwise, we are also weakened by other people’s negative thoughts.

The great runner Mary Decker sighed in several interviews before the 1984 Olympics that she was a loser. She flooded her subconscious with uncertainty, and it listened to her. She failed at the Olympics. Her subconscious got negative input, so according to the Old Testament, the cause and effect of the output could not have been different.

Many ingenious researchers, writers, and composers have attached a great deal of weight to the subconscious in the creative process, emphasizing the role of intuition. Subconscious better designed for creative understanding than our consciousness. Ideas are loosely combined with other ideas and new ways in surprising situations. It is also a storehouse of everything we know, including things that can no longer be summoned to our consciousness. Furthermore, the subconscious speaks to us in a way that cannot be expressed in words, but in precious feelings and deep, direct, sensual imagination.

The subconscious

Our subconscious works better when we think of nothing. Therefore, the so-called daily dreaming is essential in the “pursuit” of creativity. Whether it’s in the tub, on a long road, or on a nice walk. If we are lucky, dreaming with open eyes can lead to enlightenment – the moment when we suddenly find answers to our questions. This phase is trendy because it gets all the glory and attention; it is the moment that everyone desires.

When they acknowledged the French sculptor Rodin, he merely remarked: “I have not changed nature! And if, subconsciously, the moment I was creating. Then I was under the influence of feeling, and I saw nature through its prism. ”

The power of the subconscious was also used by Nikola Tesla, who was not only an inventor but also an excellent scientist in the field of electronics. As soon as a new creative idea crept in his mind, he developed it further in his imagination and worked on it, knowing well that the subconscious mind would give him all the necessary details to put the idea into practice. When the discovery matured in his mind, he gave his engineers a perfect, detailed elaboration of the scheme.

The subconscious

The Power of the Subconscious

Any person can change their lives if they change the way they think. If we put anything we want into our consciousness, the subconscious will do the rest of the work for us. The important thing is that we believe it and be convinced that we can do it. The more we get stronger, the sooner we get the subconscious to achieve the results.  Indians say that the ten thousand words spoken become a mantra, a repetitive thought that shapes our future. Repeated statements will eventually block and withdraw unproductive and negative thoughts.

According to William James, father of American psychology, the most significant discoveries of the 19th century were not made in the field of natural sciences. He considered the most breakthrough discovery the knowledge of the immense power that the subconscious, driven by steadfast loyalty, can develop.

“Always serve the best of you, rely on self-confidence, rejoice and be successful in your career till the end,”

Every person longs for happiness. Many people are waiting for it but in vain. Weakened by our uncertainty and indecision, we often cannot imagine ourselves as happy and successful people. We are afraid to fantasize and build our own world. Walt Disney dreamed perfectly and understood the power of imagination. He supposedly asked his staff to meet each morning at half-past eight in the studios and start the day with the following ritual: Everyone should touch their temples and say – Fantasy creates my reality.

Nothing should limit us in our thoughts. This is easy to say but harder to implement. The routine thinking keeps us from it too. We are used to a particular way of solving problems. We see only the obvious, clear, and evident way – and we always look at it in the same convenient way.

Another barrier is self-censorship, an inner voice that curtails our imagination and creative spirit within the boundaries that we believe are permissible. We don’t trust each other. However, it is within our power to change our lives. And that is when we realize that through our subconscious, we can beat ourselves – all our weaknesses. If we break down the barriers we create and sow positive thoughts into our subconscious; we open our minds. Happiness will be a part of it.

The subconscious

Drops of Success

  • “Always serve the best of you, rely on self-confidence, rejoice and be successful in your career till the end,” says American swimmer Mark Spitz, one of the most successful athletes of all time. He won seven gold medals at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.
  •  “I know what it is, starting from scratch. I wanted to prove to my parents that I wouldn’t get lost in my life. Perhaps I succeeded, so I say, one should have a goal set and go to him. Through all the obstacles, but not through the corpse…” says Hollywood star Brad Pitt.
  • “I did not need professional skills because I have the best taste in the world,” revealed the secret of his success brilliant shoemaker Manolo Blahnik, who became a cultural phenomenon today thanks to the cult series Sex in the City, where his shoes played one of the inherent tasks.

The subconscious

  • The legendary magician David Copperfield has never been bored. Even as a child, his mind was full of ideas; when he was ten, he shocked his first trick – ventriloquizing. At small celebrations, he could earn some money with various magic tricks and became a member of the American Magic Society at twelve. He claims that magic is supposed to materialize their dreams for a moment, which is essential for his tricks. Behind the spectacular illusions, and the incredible abilities of the phenomenal wizard is also the “mental exercise in which it is enough to use more than the usual ten percent of brain capacity.”

Text: Dagmar Murgašová, photo: Samphotostock, pixabay.com