Promoting Fight against the Virus


As usual, Bosh holds a leading position in modern technologies for all areas.

Nowadays, the whole world is fighting coronavirus and the German company Bosch has decided to contribute to the defense against this pandemic. COVID-19 rapid test should be of help. Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management of Bosch GmbH, said: “Bosch’s COVID-19 rapid test helps reduce the spread of a pandemic and breaks the infection chain more quickly.

A Great Support

The result is a technology that supports all medical facilities, be they doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories or medical centers. The development team has created a device that can simultaneously diagnose ten respiratory pathogens through differential diagnosis. This test also complies with the World Health Organization (WHO). Bosch Healthcare Solutions and Randox Laboratories Ltd, a Northern Irish medical technology company got together to develop a tool, which is one of the world’s first fully automated molecular diagnostic tests, which is used together with the Vivalytic analyzer from Bosch Healthcare Solutions.



Further Success

The scientists generally agree that rapid diagnosis can be of great help in reducing the rapid spread of coronavirus. Dr. Volkmar Denner says: “With the Bosh’s COVID-19 rapid test, the company wants to help contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible. It will help to identify and isolate the infected patients more quickly.” The development of diagnostics took only six weeks and its great advantage is that it can be used right away. This facilitates the entire SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus detection process, as it only takes less than two and a half hours, counted from the time the sample is taken and until the result arrives. Another pro is that there is no need to transport the sample to the lab, but the whole process takes place at the point of care. This not only saves money but also saves time, as the examinations usually last for one to two days. It also means that infected people can be identified and isolated immediately. Denner says: “Time is one of the key factors in the fight against coronavirus. Reliable diagnostics on the site with no back and forth – that’s the big advantage of our solution, which is another example of technology ‘Invented for life’.” In addition to COVID-19, nine new respiratory diseases, such as influenza A and B, can be tested with a single sample. “Differential diagnostics saves time for further testing and provides them with a reliable diagnosis so they can start with the suitable treatment immediately,” says Marc Meier, director of Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH.


Easy to Use Anywhere

Working with the Vivalytic Analyzer and the cartridge that contains all the reagents needed for the test is user-friendly. The evaluation of the test may also be performed by medical staff without special training and during the analysis, they may work on other tasks, such as patient treatment. Bosch’s Vivalytic analyzer can perform up to ten tests in 24 hours, providing an evaluation for up to 1,000 tests per day with 100 devices.

The newly developed test should be available in Germany from April, followed by other European and non-European markets.

Text: Bosch, photo: Bosch, CDC