Home Office – Comfortable yet Classy

Home office

Are you one of those lucky ones who are allowed to work from home?

The idea of working from the bed is very tempting yet it has its downsides. Since we are at home, it is much harder to sit down at the computer and start working at full speed. However, if you dress with style, your job will go smoothly.

Comfort Is the Key

When working from home, you can forget about the dress code and think more about good materials. Loose-fitting clothes and comfortable materials are the ideal choices for the home office.  Cotton and flax are airy so surely, it is a good idea to opt for such clothes.

Home office


Don’t even bother with what you’re wearing at home. A simple jumpsuit is the best solution. It is great apparel for daily use, but if you add fancy accessories, you can also wear it at an evening party. Choose jumpsuits in one color without disturbing elements such as zippers or studs, which might annoy you. Forget about jumpsuits with a sewn-on belt as well. It would squeeze your stomach.

Wide Leg Pants

Home office Since comfort comes first when working from home, bet on wide trousers. Add a matching basic t-shirt and voila! You will appreciate this type of pants, especially during hot summer days, when you don’t have air conditioning. After work, wear them to go shopping or to the cinema.  Choose original tops as a crop top or a blouse with balloon sleeves.

Comfortable Sweatpants

Sweatpants have been associated with home-made clothing for ages, but fashion brands have upgraded it to a trendy piece of fashion in the last decade. When working from home, bet on sweatpants. However, we do not mean pulled-out sweatpants, but stylish trousers made of knitted material, which evoke a feeling of home atmosphere and you don’t even have to be ashamed of them when you meet a friend. Sweatpants with distinctive stripes are a hot trend this spring. Besides, if you match the sweatshirt and stylish boots on the platform, you can also go shopping.

Favorite Leggings

Without a comfortable leggings, we can hardly imagine our lives. They are worn in various colors, lengths, or patterns. If you want to include them in your “home office” wardrobe, choose inconspicuous colors and classic length. At home, you will not only wear them when working with a computer, but you can even exercise in them later. With seamless pieces, you are guaranteed that the leggings will fit you like a second skin.

Home office


There are also various knits friendly to your skin, which you can put on when you feel cold at home. You can also choose a knitted cardigan for a conference call, which directly requires a stricter look, even when you are at home. Match it with a contrasting piece, such as a satin top.

Home office

Nothing Boring!

Home clothes don’t have to be just in dull, indistinct shades. On the contrary! Choose bold colored pieces that will cheer you up and charge you with energy at the same time. Always try to match only two vivid colors otherwise it can be too much. Currently trending neon colors perfectly match grey, brown, or white.

Text: Michaela Miňová, photo: unsplash, pexels