Top Trending Skin Care? A Sheet Face Mask!


Do you need to revitalize your skin in a minute? Then try out a face mask, but not just a common one.

Opt for the one that provides you with hydration and vitamins. The sheet face mask has suddenly become a trend number one in Asia. It has also got quickly to our market and many women added this Korean miracle to their beauty routine.

MaskQuick Effects

The times when you could lift and rejuvenate your skin only by a surgical treatment are over. Sheet face masks can achieve the same result today and now. Although they do not look very attractive at first glance, their effects are amazing. A small textile sheet infused with active substances will revitalize, smoothen, and also deeply hydrate your skin. On the market, you can find masks with anti-inflammatory effects, wrinkles reduction, or such ones that can brighten your skin faster than a skin serum.

Easy to Apply

When using a sheet mask you will avoid a mess in your bathroom. You don’t need to use any cosmetic accessories and your finger will barely touch it. Just remove the mask from the package and apply it to the face so that the holes for the eyes and mouth are in place. The mask should adhere completely to the skin. After the time indicated on the packaging, remove it and throw it in the basket. Don’t forget before using the mask, thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities with lotion. And one last tip, if you put the mask in the fridge for a while, you can enjoy a cool refreshment after applying it. Try it especially in summer when the weather is too hot!

MaskDeep Hydration

How is a sheet face mask different from other masks? It is infused with serum, the sheet forms a barrier and does not allow important essences to evaporate out. They go deep into your skin. After removing the mask, do not throw it away immediately, but squeeze out the liquid that remained there and apply it to the face or neckline. This will guarantee you the complete use of the mask. Also, pay attention to how long you have the mask on your face. Do not exceed it, as it has no effect on the face after the time indicated on the packaging.

Respecting Nature

Furthermore, the sheet mask producers pay attention to eco-friendliness. Therefore, they are often made of degradable materials. Many sheet face masks are proudly labeled as eco-friendly and, compared to sera or creams in plastic jars or tubes, their footprint on the environment is almost negligible.


We often have no time to use common cosmetic products, but when using a sheet mask, it is different. After folding the textile mask, we also save water, as we do not need to rinse it off. That is why you take care of the natural environment as in the case of common cosmetic products. Anyway, with the sheet mask, you will achieve the desired effect in a few minutes, and you can enjoy this form of home wellness after a long and exhausting day at work.

Text: Michaela Miňová, photo: unsplash, pexels