Does He Love Straightened Hair or Sexy Waves? Orava Tenera Will Help You with Both Styles

Orava Tenera

Hair is the crown of female beauty. If you want to enchant people with perfectly straightened hair or sexy waves, you should not miss a handy helper, which is also popular among professional hairstylists.

Orava Tenera 2 in 1 is a hair straightener and at the same time an assistant in creating sexy waves and curls. This hair styling device is equipped with new generation ceramic plates, which glides smoothly and facilitates styling and prevents damage to the hair during frequent use. It will straighten your hair into a silky flowing waterfall, but if you hold it at the right angle, it will also create an attractive wavy hairstyle thanks to the spiral shape of the hair strand plates.

Orava Tenera

Orava Tenera heats up quickly after switching on, it is ready for use within 15 seconds and in Turbo mode it heats up to the maximum within 2 seconds. It respects the individual quality of the hair, therefore it allows you to set the heating temperature of the plates from 150 to 230 0C. The current temperature is showed on the LED display. The double hair styling tool fits ergonomically in the hand, is easy to operate, and weighs only 300 g, so you won’t have pain in the wrist even after styling a thick mane. It has a long electric cord with a joint rotatable by 360 degrees, it is equipped with a temperature lock and a link for locking the grip hinge for easy storage. As it is easy to carry and is great for everyday hairstyles, don’t forget to pack it in your holiday luggage.

Orava Tenera

The 2 in 1 Orava Tenera hair care helper can be yours for € 24.90.

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Text and photo: Orava retail 1, a.s.