Must-Have Accessories for This Fall


With the fall weather, there are new fashion trends that you must check out.

This season does not only play with colors but also with bold accessories. Spice up your wardrobe and bet on accessories that no one can easily overlook.

Match elegant outfits with colorful berets.

Stylish Lids

Rain and wind are a disaster for the hair. Therefore, hide the hairstyle under a practical and warm beret, cap, or a hat. Match elegant outfits with colorful berets. Orange, green, but also a classic brown are chic. Popular materials are plaid fabrics and leather. You can wear a cap in your free time, but you can also incorporate it into a work outfit after. If you choose a cap made of leather or velvet, it will stand out even with the plain outfit. Your fall gear should definitely include a warm woolen hat, which you will use mostly on cold days.

Fresh Belts

Don’t hide the belt under your clothes, on the contrary! This season, the belt is becoming a full-fledged accessory that must be visible. Match it with an oversize jacket or a longer trench coat and tie it in a fashionable way. If you do not have a belt that you could wrap around a coat or jacket, feel free to look in your partner’s closet. Then be a little bit ingenious and tie it into a stylish knot. Fanny packs continue to be in, but this time wrapped around the waist. You can wear them instead of a belt, plus they can also replace your purse so stack it with your treasures such as cell phone, lipstick, or keys.

his season, the belt is becoming a full-fledged accessory that must be visible.

Multicolored Shoes

Leave the classic black, brown, and beige in the closet for a while. Get into a colorful whirlwind in the form of playful shoes. Distinctive shoes can enliven any outfit and lift your spirits in gloomy weather. Warm mustard, pronounced purple, or burgundy color is a great choice in the fall. Match colored shoes with neutral outfits or vice versa. Add an outfit in contrasting tones. If you dare, mix several colors into one outfit. This will create an interesting color blocking, which you can now see on the catwalks.

Rainy days require to put on a raincoat.

Fall Essentials

Rainy days require to put on a raincoat. Today’s raincoats are no longer just a tacky accessory, in which we would like to sink underground. The fashion industry has upgraded them to a trendy item that you can dress for work. In are still transparent pieces, but also raincoats with print or funny details. This season, the raincoat is copying the trench coat, so you don’t have to worry about not looking stylish in it. If you wear rubber boots with the raincoat, no heavy rain can stop you anymore.

Text: Michaela Miňová, photo: