Golf Doesn’t Have to Be Simply a Sport. Golf Can Be a Remedy


We often associate golf, one of the most globally widespread sports, with fresh air activity.

But when combined with a good idea, it can be helpful too. For example, those who once significantly contributed to society and now don’t ask for much.

GolfOn a magical fall date, October 10, 2020, ROSEART AGENCY,, organized a usual event. They started the eleventh year of a series of golf tournaments. The Welten playground in Báč hosted up to 104 players. In a friendly atmosphere, they tried out the game using the so-called texas scramble pair system. “Nice weather brought excellent performance and final results. However, more important for us was that we combined this tournament with the launch of a new project of the civic association Babie Leto. It will start in the spring of 2021 and will be called ‘We enjoy helping,’ ” says Michal Wirdzek from ROSEART AGENCY.


As Igor Kucej, co-founder of the association, added Babie leto golf tours are activities that seamlessly follow the civic association’s activities. It originated as a voluntary non-profit organization. “Since 2012, it has been looking for former active athletes, artists, and practically people from the public scene, who have enriched society with their performances and works in the active age of their lives. However, they are sometimes forgotten at the end of their lives, and often need help.” Kucej specifies.


Those who would like to get acquainted with the association’s activities can visit the official website The idea of helping through golf was born in 2018. At that time, Kucej managed to cross all the Slovak courses and collect many funds. A statue was built for Anton Srholec, the association’s ambassador, in Bratislava Ružinov.

Golf“Golf events to help the civic association also took place in 2019 and 2020. At the last fall tournament, Igor Kucej presented the aforementioned new idea of more actively involving famous personalities in charitable activities. The web has been launched, where they will invite interesting guests from the public scene to play golf with people who want to contribute to a good cause,” adds Wirdzek.

GolfAs mentioned, the project will not be limited to help for only the civic association Babie leto. There are also alternatives for those who do not know how to play golf. “We believe that we will meet with those interested in the spring of next year when we are planning an active start of the project.”

GolfThe driving force “on the green” will therefore be the right idea. All that remains is to train ‘A hole in one,’ and the other strokes.


Text: Eva Vašková, photo: ROSEART AGENCY s.r.o.