Sensual Winter Scents


Pleasant scents are an inseparable part of the enjoyable experience of ordinary days and holidays. We like some of the scents more than others, and we even don’t know some of them. How to get to know them? Let’s enter a wonderful fragrant world.

We should surround ourselves with a pleasant scent, especially in places where we spend a lot of time. If possible, in workplaces and especially in our homes, we naturally want to feel the best and relaxed. We can work with the scents very ingeniously and reach spectacular results in your house.


Fragrant Inside

When making decisions, it is necessary to consider our taste for fragrances and health and safety. For excellent and intensive experiences, you should opt for natural and harmless ingredients. “Synthetic fragrances, which have long been used indoors, are a path to unpleasant health problems – breathing difficulties and allergies. Although the prices of natural ingredients are significantly higher, their quality is incomparable, and the scent is more pleasant, “says Natália Gápľovská, the founder of the LUMINIA brand.

Burning candles evoke the desired feeling of relaxation and perfect recreation.

She recommends cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, amber, or woody fragrances that will warm you up in winter. They make you feel better, cozier, and safer. “Our scents can be, for example, Sacred Santal – an unusual combination of traditional scents and the harmony of Christmas with a sensual mystic undertone. Another choice can be Honey & Thyme – the scent of fresh mother’s breath, chamomile, thyme and honeysuckle in a delicious combination with golden honey,” comments Natália and adds that the natural essence is ideally accentuated by scented candles, which uniquely complete the atmosphere of gray winter days.


Fresh and Energizing

Candles naturally glow and warm the space with their flame, at the same time, create a captivating atmosphere. It will have a beneficial effect on our psyche and immediately contribute to overall relaxation and a better mood. “The flame of a candle is like a hug for the soul; it harmonizes and makes our mood more pleasant. If we work from home and want to be awake and full of energy early in the morning, we should reach for fresh citrus scents, such as White Tea & Jasmine or Mediterranean Fig, which will encourage our senses and brighten up a gloomy day,” advises N. Gápľovská.


However, each room can smell different, which we can also perceive differently. “For example, woody scents are suitable for living rooms, where we usually stay very often. One of the rarest and most expensive ingredients of our perfumery arsenal is agarwood, which is the base note of the Amber & Oud fragrance giving it the common space and atmosphere of a luxury London hotel. It is a beautiful, sophisticated scent that will delight mostly the lovers of heavier and oriental scents. The softer Enigma is a fragrance defined by smoky teak wood, black tea, and tobacco. Frankincense festive scent is marked by ethereal incense, Japanese Shiso leaves, sensual cardamom and the sacred Palo Santo, “explains N. Gápľovská and adds that it is this scent that can perfectly evoke a mystical festive atmosphere.

We should surround ourselves with a pleasant scent, especially in places where we spend a lot of time.

When choosing a bedroom scent, we should select subtle and sensual ingredients and pay attention to relaxing and calming effects. Intense and fresh aromas could have a counterproductive effect and disrupt our rest. “I recommend the Lavender & Iriscandle, which calms, relieves stress, headaches, induces a pleasant sleep, and at the same time “guards” our dreams. Another great option is the purity evoking Navona Lily, containing lily pollen, with a pinch of medicinal sage, dewed with Japanese Yuzu and fresh blackcurrant leaves. The scent of Honey & Thyme with the Breckland thyme and lemon balm will also fit into the bedrooms,” says N. Gápľovská. Many people like spending much time in the kitchen. The sweet fruity scent of Sakura from the LUMINIA brand portfolio is perfect for this room. It will bring you a pitcher full of sweet raspberries, juicy pomegranates, and rhubarb soufflés. The fruity tones of the Sakura scent are complemented by intoxicating jasmine, lily of the valley, damask rose, and spiced with pink pepper and the rare opoponax resin. The base is made of attractive musk, amber, patchouli, and guaiac wood.


The scent opens up memories

Mixing different scents may not seem like a good idea, but according to N. Gápľovská it is a great way to create your authentic perfume that defines your personality. She recommends betting on the subconscious and emotion and intuitively combining two or more scents of body perfumes, lighting more types of candles, or trying to combine incense sticks from several diffusers into one empty cup according to the current mood. “Our perfumes contain natural essential oils that merge into a new composition. The scent is a living thing, and as it derives from our personality, so does the mood and feelings, “reveals N. Gápľovská.


Did you know that unique abilities characterize every scent? “Smells are so perfectly connected to our subconscious and memory center that we remember exactly how we felt when we first smelled it. It will remind us of that moment forever and make us feel it again. For example, the smell of apple strudel reminds most of us of the precious warmth of home and the moment when the kitchen smelled of baking strudel. So if you light a candle that smells like Viennese strudel, it will instantly revive the feeling of children’s joy, the atmosphere of your mother’s kitchen, and the warmth of home, “explains N. Gapľovská.


The Power of the Flame

Burning candles evoke the desired feeling of relaxation and perfect recreation. They inseparably belong to the winter interior, although not every candle is the same. If we want to get rid of health risks, it is better to avoid hazardous paraffin candles, dyed and synthetically perfumed altogether and choose natural ingredients. It is more profitable to invest, albeit in a smaller number of pieces. Or give your loved ones a valuable natural candle.


Personal Scent

Perception of scents is very subjective. We tend to use heavier, sweeter, and more woody scents in winter because we feel they are kinder and warmer. We often even feel as if these scents have wrapped us in a warm sweater. A great tip is the Saffron Musk scent.  Its heart is full of rare wild saffron and passionate musk in gentle connection with tantric leather and deep dark oud. It is softened by a drop of brittle jasmine and a white lotus flower and is enhanced by a bouquet of classy red roses with an iris on a solid base of sandalwood, cedar, agarwood, and patchouli. In addition to our home or workplace’s beautiful improvement during the winter, we should not forget about ourselves and enjoy beautiful fragrant experiences. When we fall in love with the scent, it is a great advantage that in the LUMINIA collection, we can indulge it indoors thanks to crystal candles and diffusers, and at the same time enjoy it all day in body perfumes.

Text: Daniel Košťál, photo: LUMINIA, Pixabay