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Bacteriotherapy Protects against Rhinitis, Cough, and Airway Diseases

Do you also suffer from rhinitis, inflammation of the nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses, tonsils, ear, or respiratory tract from fall to spring? The transmission of these diseases from one family member to another is a never-ending story? Do you get inflammations immediately after having “just” a runny nose? It’s time for bacteriotherapy! In this treatment strategy for a healthy nose, cavities, and respiratory tract, good, saprophytic bacteria fight bad, pathogenic bacteria on the nasopharyngeal mucosa and airways without disrupting the microbial system and help prevent and reduce recurrent upper respiratory tract infections.


According to scientists, the combination of two probiotic strains, Streptococcus salivarius 24SMBc and Streptococcus oralis 89a, can create a protective biobarrier on nasal and pharyngeal mucosa, which prevents pathogens from settling and multiplying. Rinogermin, a probiotic nose spray, contains live probiotic bacteria. After spraying, good bacteria multiply up to 5 times faster on the mucous membranes, which is beneficial in preventing and treating rhinitis and inflammation and after taking antibiotic drops in the nose and ear. Mucositis disrupted by antibiotics regenerate more quickly and regain their natural defenses against further pathogen attacks, reducing recurrence risk. Rinogermina is suitable for children from 3 years and adults; it is recommended to use a triple pack for three months, OMC triple packs: 25 €.

Mask, Disinfection, and Social Distancing

The Virostop oral spray, produced in Slovakia, can be added to the three most effective weapons in preventing coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection. The scientific team of the Hungarian virologist and clinical microbiologist István Jankovics has shown that it significantly reduces infection risk. The product has been commonly available in pharmacies for almost a decade. It is based on natural ingredients without side effects.  The mouth spray with Cistus creticus (pink rock-rose), containing many polyphenols, is claimed to be effective against the COVID-19 pandemic. The extract compounds form a protective shield in the oral cavity, which prevents viruses and bacteria from getting into the body. “Herbal extracts of pink rock-rose have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, without side effects or allergic reactions. Cistus creticus acts directly on the germ,” explained Dr. I. Jankovics.

VirostopA scientific study by Professor Jankovics and his team showed the preventive effects of a solution based on the plant. The research was performed on animal cell tissues. “We tested the Virostop solution, which we applied to covid-infected cell cultures from the green monkey’s kidney. The pink rock-rose extract and Virostop solution, which contain extracts of sage, echinacea, acerola, and citrus bioflavonoids, be able to prevent the virus from multiplying in the tissue, even when diluted 1:640, with Virostop solution showing higher effectiveness as the plant extract itself,” Jankovics explained. Consumption of beverages and food cannot remove the protective film and cause the spray to fail. According to the person skilled in the art, the product is thus able to prevent infection and localize it. However, testing of the solution is not over. The study’s sponsor, Herb-Pharma Corporation s.r.o., had tested pure extracts of Cistus creticus and their combination with extracts of sage, purple echinacea, acerola, and citrus bioflavonoids, which Virostop also contains. All ingredients can increase defenses and thus protect against viral and bacterial infections. “The inhibitory effect of pink rock-rose alone, although it persisted after 96 hours of virus incubation, was lower than with Virostop solution. Therefore, in further tests, we want to verify the inhibitory effect of other plant ingredients and their synergies,” said Dr. István Jankovics. He has participated in the development of this product for more than ten years. The spray has been known in the Slovak market for nine years. During that time, it has been successfully used as a prevention against influenza.

Cistus creticus

Complex Care for Men’s Health

Frequent urination (even at night), weakening or intermittent urine stream, or urgent urination affect approximately 40% of men in their fifties. Problems are caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), one of the most common benign diseases in men associated with potency.


According to studies, more than 50% of men with BPH lose their desire for sex or have problems with erection and 38% with ejaculation. Therefore, it is desirable to help the body by appropriate means, including dietary supplements with beneficial natural ingredients. The solution is RED3, which supports prostate health, has a beneficial effect on potency, and at the same time, adds vitality to men. The dietary supplement’s basic active ingredient is African plum, which has a beneficial effect on the prostate and contributes to the normal Red3

Hair and Skin Care

Hair faces several external influences that weaken it, disrupt its structure and health. They also include styling tools such as hair dryers, curling, and flattening irons. Therefore, Dyson researchers decided to develop devices that would minimize hair damage while creating a hairstyle like in a hairdressing salon in the comfort of your home. These include a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer equipped with intelligent temperature control, so it does not expose the mane to extremely hot air. HeatShield protection technology, in turn, ensures a cool surface for the extensions, so there is no risk of skin burns. And since the powerful motor provides fast drying, the air stream’s exposure time to the hair is also shortened.


Healthy Joints

Cemio Kamzík is an exceptional product for joints that contains a combination of two types of natural type collagen and vitamin C. Type I collagen is present in tendons, ligaments, and bones, where it forms relatively strong fibers.


Those are further bundled together because the ligaments and tendons must withstand strong pressure. It also occurs in the skin, so it has a significant effect on its appearance and quality. Type II collagen is most common in cartilage, ensuring its strength and resistance. Vitamin C is an important substance for the proper production of collagen in the body. Cemio Kamzík does not contain sugar, lactose, or gluten.



Text: FIRMA, D, photo: Brands archive, pixabay