Control and Regulation Technology in Standard, Non-explosive and Nuclear Design


Marvel PI & T. Limited Liability from Bardejov is a Central European company founded in 1992.

Its business area is international trade. Initially, they started with raw materials in the light industry, and later they began to supply control and regulation technology for the energy industry.

Area and History

The gradual change in market conditions in the late 1990s and after 2000, which meant, in particular, an increase in imports of textiles and leather products from Asia to Europe, led to a significant decline in production in the textile and leather industry in Central Europe, resulting in a decrease in sales of raw materials in those sectors. Because of these major market changes in the light industry, the company decided to reduce its business activities in the industry to an adequate level in 2000. It began to focus mainly on developing sales and distribution of control and regulatory products for the energy industry in Eastern European markets.


The principal commodities supplied were:

  • Isomact linear and single-turn electric actuators
  • Modact multi-turn electric actuators
  • Electric motors
  • Transmissions
  • and their components

The supplied control technology controls and regulates energy fittings, such as ball valves, gate valves, dampers, etc. All products focus on various areas of energy:

  • Thermal and nuclear energy
  • Oil and gas industry
  • water supply and sewerage
  • chemical industry and others

The supply of control and regulation elements is directed to the eastern markets, especially to the Russian Federation’s market and the markets of the Central Asian countries. Let’s mention places such as nuclear power plant (AE) projects in China – Tianwan AE and India – Kudankulam AE and many other energy projects served by our international trading partners.


Current Status and Goals

During its more than 25-year existence and successful business in foreign trade, the company has carried out numerous successful deliveries and orders in cooperation with its business partners. In the beginning, it was a light industry, but later the scope expanded to the thermal and nuclear energy sectors, as well as the oil and gas industry. Energy projects have taken place in the Russian Federation, Asia, China, and India. As a result, the company has gained many regular customers for the supply of a wide range of products and provided services.

Since 2014, the Marvel BMT subsidiary in Moscow has served as a supporting trading company working with the same range of products as the parent company. It was created to achieve daily closer contact with customers, simplify import operations when importing products into the Russian Federation, reduce exchange rate and trade risks, and increase technical support.


Its main objectives include increasing sales of electric actuators and gearboxes in the eastern markets and at the same time increasing and improving the scope of business services provided to a wider range of customers in the Russian market.

The main complex of business engineering work currently performed consists of the following activities:

  • technical support to the customer in approving the technical documentation according to the specific industry
  • supplies and logistics
  • distribution to the customer through representative companies
  • complex service activities
  • engineering and service support during installation and commissioning

For a business to be successful, it is necessary to gain the respect and trust of the cooperating people.

Our goal is to offer and at the same time guarantee our customers reliability, flexibility, and expertise in the implementation of business transactions. The most important factor in gaining respect and trust in business is the business’s conclusion and management following fair play and business ethics.


The company is a member of the “Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. It has been inspected, certified, and meets the requirements of the international quality management system according to EN ISO9001-2015. It also has many specialized certificates for individual industries, such as the OIT certificate for nuclear energy in the RF, the HAF 604 certificate for nuclear power in China, or the TRTS certificate for the supply of non-explosive equipment for the oil, gas, and chemical industries.

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