A Custom Software Package? No Problem


AGE Software s.r.o. was established in 2010, and since 2015 it has been focusing on creating software packages tailored to the needs of a specific customer.

Since 2018, the company has also been engaged in publishing activities publishing mainly alternative, mostly non-commercial titles according to the requirements and needs of specific clients.


As part of its software activities, the company focuses on ensuring control in the financial sphere and in all areas of the client’s business. It is based on the premise that if entrepreneurs want to have their finances under control, they must have the object of their business under control in the first place. For this purpose, AGE Software s.r.o. has created software license packages, for which it ensures the implementation of complete functionality, deployment, and technical support.

Age Our Package Offer:

  • Copyrighted Age Manager license package used to record and overview the client’s individual business cases from placing an order through transport, delivery, or complaint to each business case’s financial billing and payment.
  • Copyrighted Age Spediter license package designed for forwarding companies addressing complete issues from taking over the demand through the price offer, order, and tracking of transport to the financial and documentary settlement of each individual vehicle.
  • Copyrighted Age Shipper license package for shipping companies and individual carriers.

We guarantee and ensure the connection of individual SW packages with existing SW equipment for each individual client according to their requirements.

AGE Software sro provides service and technical support for all SW packages to the extent according to the contractual conditions for individual SW packages.

Photo: AGE Software s. r. o., pixabay