Camping or Caravanning: Another Nickname for Freedom


No hotel resort, no service, just ‘self-service.’ That’s not for you? Wrong. It is an excellent opportunity for the trendiest holiday and complete independence.

As Jaroslav Mišura, president of the Slovak Association of Camping and Caravanning (SACC), says, it starts when we set off; feeling of security and freedom. Your entire world — the family and equipment — is with you.


The best idea about it is that if you don’t like something, you go somewhere else. According to Mišura, camping or caravanning is a school of relationships. “You are in a small space with a closed group. You can’t force anything. I recommend to anyone who wants to rent a caravan to know the participants’ interests perfectly. Only then can it become a journey full of experience.”

He adds that the private motorization of the 1960s also shaped the trend in our country. But when the Velvet Revolution opened the borders, our caravans headed for previously inaccessible destinations.

“The previously crowded campsites were abandoned, visitors disappeared, which lead to their decline and long-time struggle. There are so many campsites with excellent facilities and the basic ones with other attractive points of interest.”


In countries such as France, Germany, or Italy, caravanning is popular, and caravan parking is essential. Parking areas called Stellplatz are seen as part of nature preservation as well as business. “They are bringing in new customers that are willing to spend money on culture, gastronomy, souvenirs. For example, a winery with private parking for caravans has a guaranteed supply of customers. They taste wine or eat there, and the next day another person will use their place.”

Camping A different factor tailored to Slovak conditions is the beautiful nature, rich history, and tourism. You can camp or travel in a caravan to places with no tourist infrastructure. “After all, try to find a hotel in an area with unique wooden churches, for example. You will stop at the campsite with a caravan, explore the area, and continue your trip in two days. …”

Karina and Martin – WhyWeTravel

Humnokemp, a project which allows you to camp in private gardens or meadows and orchards, understands the freedom of camping.  Kristína Maur confirms that camping, like any holiday, is stepping out of your traditional routine, additionally doubled by the feeling of freedom. “We aren’t tied to the accommodation space and schedule.  It is also accessible for spontaneous decisions. You can also book a day-to-day holiday at a campsite or on private property. “From my camping experience, he adds that we should know both the weather and the condition of the car before leaving. Raincoat and rubber boots should be the essentials. Put sturdy shoes on the feet and at least a gas stove in the trunk. “When you want to start camping, I recommend simulating it beforehand. Humnokemp also allows you to book land near the houses, where the owners will help with the tent building or offer some of the facilities in their homes. It is not advisable to buy complete camping equipment at once. You can do so little by little.”  


The young couple Karina and Martin did not let the work consume them. Love and passion for traveling lured them out from their everyday routine of international online meetings and found the answer to their challenge – WhyWeTravel.


“Before you decide to set out on a caravan trip, you should make sure that this style of travel is for you. Although the space for living in the van is small, you will also find a fire extinguisher, a carbon monoxide detector, and a security camera. It is necessary to be prepared for everything. Well, we could write a lot about caravanning tips such as enjoying the views from the hill, or the flowering meadows in the morning. But what is more beautiful is that you are with the person you love. Then you can really enjoy bathing anywhere,” concludes Karina.

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: humnokemp,