The Magical Power of the Sea

Evening atmosphere in one of the ports of Losinj

Many people enjoy traveling to the same destinations over and over again, especially to Croatia. The amazing wild Adriatic beaches and picturesque streets make this popular holiday destination a paradise on earth.

Many Slovaks visit Croatia every summer. So, if you want to discover new places in this beautiful landscape, we recommend visiting the charming island of Lošinj.

Lošinj Favorable Climate

Lošinj and the neighboring island of Cres, located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, used to be attached and known as the island of Apsyrtide. However, in ancient times they were artificially separated by a narrow canal in Osor. Although Lošinj was almost uninhabited until the middle of the 13th century, in the 19th century, it became the second most important port after Trieste, Italy. The inhabitants were widely known as the best sailors in the Mediterranean.


Thanks to the unique climate, people with various health problems began to visit the island. The first tourist registered there on January 21, 1885, and the first hotel was built two years later. The Austria-Hungarian Ministry of Health even declared Lošinj as a health center in 1892. The Austro-Hungarian aristocracy also constructed many villas and summer residences. Even Empress Sissi visited the famous place.

The Adriatic Sea is one of the cleanest seas – bottlenose dolphins are abundant in Lošinj waters.

The Sunniest Island

Walking along the sea accompanied by the sounds of cicadas and the smell of pine trees is a fantastic relaxation.

The combination of fragrant green pine trees and the sea air creates a fantastic atmosphere making it incredibly healing for people suffering from various respiratory diseases and allergies. The island, therefore, offers many possibilities for multiple treatment programs and stays.

Summer tourism has fully developed with the construction of hotels, spas, and guesthouses in the Čikat bay. Today there is a popular camp. Lošinj provides excellent opportunities for swimming in the sea, as well as for hiking and cycling.  Lošinj is one of the sunniest places in Croatia, with more than 260 sunny days a year.


A Rare Discovery

In 1996, an amateur diver found a valuable treasure in the waters of the Adriatic Sea near the Vele Orjule island southeast of Lošinj. It was a bronze statue over 2,000 years old. The discovery became an immediate global sensation. After the precious statue was restored and the most famous museums displayed it in their exhibition, it finally found its place in the museum in Malá Lošinj. The visit is a valuable experience, demonstrating how to make an incredible and engaging exhibition out of just one artifact.


Evening Classical Tunes

If you are looking for a musical experience that gives pleasure to your senses, visit the town of Osor, located on the border of Lošinj and Cres Islands. There, music festivities take place every year. The summer evening atmosphere lures you to enjoy classical music performances of top national and international songs, which are performed in the local cathedral.

Church of Our Lady of the Angels, Veli Lošinj

However, not only Lošinj but also its surroundings offer rich opportunities to spend time. It is a beautiful place for people who love the sea and evening walks through busy or quiet streets. So if you still hesitate about which corner of Croatia to visit,  the attractive island of Lošinj can be a great choice.

Text and photo: Miriama Vojteková