Style Is Alchemy


Wow! He’s got style. She enchanted me. He takes care of his image. What are we talking about when we judge each other in this way?

Words tend to be weapons. But, on the other hand, wardrobes, accessories, or the overall impression can “disarm” others quickly. As psychologist Jana Beňušková says, personal style is one of the basic definitions that affect our personality and health. “It unites and connects people with the same opinion, not only about fashion but also the goal of expressing something and belonging somewhere.”


This idea is mainly associated with clothing. Its influence on our thinking is called enclothed cognition in psychological terms. “It affects our cognitive processes. Our clothing choices are based on our intentions what we want to project. It is also related to our emotions, attitudes, and following social interaction.”

The cut or color we choose reflects our current mood. A suitable outfit gives us emotional stability. We are happier and more confident. “However, it would be difficult to do it the other way around. Paradoxically, the personal radiance of our uniqueness cannot replace any outfit.”

Based on the style, we can predict people and understand them more easily. 

The life coach Bronislava Švrčková sees importance, especially in understanding our differences. Naturally, someone is beautiful, someone interesting, and someone charismatic. “Family and environment greatly influence our style and personality. We are completely unaware of how deeply the acquired or adopted standards are embedded in us …”

Suppose we perceive style as a part of the complexity of personality. In that case, it is undoubtedly a remarkable addition to relationships, work, society. “The better we know ourselves, our expression, our impact on people, the greater our confidence is. When we are “cool” with each other, it is easier to face different situations.”


It is a kind of alchemy – using elements of your style while respecting the environment. But, on the other hand, feedback on our clothing style is a driving force for everybody.

Fashion stylist Marcela Špalková clearly defines: “Style consists of various details. We create different energy for each of them. But at the same time, it has two basic pillars on which we should build our style. …”

And by style, she mainly means colors. Color typology reveals what suits a particular lady and, conversely, what is a no for her. The second place goes to the cut. According to the stylist, the right cut can promote harmony and symmetry.

It’s all about the magic word — alchemy. It is the magic of colors, shapes, materials, and individual pieces, details that will create a unique whole in a woman’s wardrobe, which perfectly fits her and her lifestyle. “


On the other hand, as the specialist on etiquette and men’s fashion, Jakub Abraham comments on men, quotes the iconic French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent to define style. “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Jakub confirms that style determines the family and work environment, values, and ambiance even for men.

“Gentlemen prove their identity in style. It also plays a big role in making new acquaintances. Based on the style, we can predict people and understand them more easily. You can just cowardly hide behind it or get yourself carried away. …”

At the same time, he says it is challenging to build your style. You need to be motivated and persistent. There is a lot of hard work and refraining. It would be impossible without it. Everything else can be learned and it’s worth it!”


Summarizing the words of experts, we can say that style is an interaction, self-knowledge, harmony, and the willingness to work on it. You can obtain it either by your self-development or following advice from such “style alchemists” who will help “properly mix the particular ingredients.”

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: