Colorful Eye Mascara — The Queen of Summer 2021

Eye Mascara

Summer season throws all color shades, and summer makeup is even more vivid. Brighten your looks and reach for colorful mascara instead of colorful eyeshadows during the summer heat. Choosing a waterproof version will even allow you to enjoy the beach and water.

Countless Color Shades

Extravagant eye shadows and eyeliners are out. The colorful eye mascaras are back and will make you look irresistible. You can choose from a wide range of colors and may dare to try even bolder shades, such as yellow, pink, or blue. However, the hot trend of this summer is the deep water green looking genuinely magical. When choosing an eyelash mascara, you may or may not consider your iris color. It’s up to you which shade you choose. There are no limits to your imagination when selecting your summer look.

Eye Mascara

Eye Mascara Makeup Is a Game

Do you want more than one shade? No problem. The world-famous makeup artists appeal to colorful eyelashes and offer countless ways of use. If you do not dare to have a distinctive color along the entire length of the lashes, apply the regular black and gently dye the tips with vivid color. However, more extravagant women can apply multiple colors of eyelash mascara, e.g., yellow, green, or pink. Such a non-traditional makeup will be definitely outstanding. If you want to change black to another color and do not dare to express strong color combinations, pick brown. It will revitalize your everyday makeup, and at the same time, it will look different from the regular black.

Eye Mascara

All You Need Is a Mascara

Even when using colored mascaras, certain rules apply. If you opt for a colored mascara in a bold shade, choose only delicate eye shadows. However, the best thing to do is to avoid eye shadow or other makeup on your eyelids completely. The colored mascara is a very striking element. However, if you do not want to give up the eyeliner, use only a fine line in black or brown.

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