The Art of Giving in a New Location; Rhapis Welcomes Bratislava


Rhapis, the chain of unique florist shops, now has another new location in Bratislava. It will give people another reason to give gifts to their loved ones and most treasured ones.

Bratislava is growing day by day. And The Nivy shopping mall is no different. It promises a great shopping experience thanks to a wide range of facilities and a unique modern urban design.


In the heart of the new shopping mall, like a flower, a new Rhapis shop has grown. The popular florist shops have been bringing beauty and fragrance to Bratislava’s homes for several years.

The shopping mall’s modern look is a clear sign that the new Rhapis operation will not lag behind even in design. Michal Bryndza, a renowned architect known for his progressive thinking and attention to detail, took care of the overall premium architecture of the store.

Rhapis In the new fragrant shop, you can look forward to always fresh cut flowers, unique design elements for interiors, and scented accessories that will bring the right atmosphere to your apartment or house.

In the new location, you will meet a team of professionals who will always give you good advice. If you listen to the art of giving, you will conjure a smile on the lips of your loved ones.

Just close your eyes, step in and take a deep breath of scents that guarantee to make your day better.