Life Isn’t Black and White. Let’s Lay all Cards on the Table!


What colors prevail in your wardrobe? Is there any predominant color in your rooms? And what about your favorite color? Colors are everywhere. There is no universal interpretation of their meanings, but we can find particular characteristics they share.

We know spices of four colors from cooking. And we supposedly have a similar “color mix” in ourselves. The color typology of the personality says that we carry cold blue energy, fiery red energy, earthy green energy, and radiant yellow energy. Every person has the palette mixed differently. Are you a good analyst, pay attention to details, and are more of an individualist with excellent planning skills? Then, blue energy predominates in you. Would you go bungee jumping with no fear? Are performances essential for you, and you will organize everything? Your world is “painted” mostly in bold shades of red energy. Do people frequently tell you they can count on you? Do you listen and feel responsible towards yourself and others? Your energy comes from earthy green. Can you imagine even the craziest plan in reality? An imaginary light bulb often flashes with an idea, do you need communication with the environment? Continue to illuminate it with your bright yellow.


The Greek physician, Hippocrates, had already assigned a four-colored characteristic to people. He drew inspiration from natural elements. He attributed the green color of the earth to the deep melancholic. He saw the red fire in the choleric. The blue color of water belongs to an inconspicuous phlegmatic. Nothing but a sunny, yellow sanguine can be told and laughed at.

Dividing four into two, we are divided into men and women. A woman sees cyan or indigo, a man simply blue. Of course, both sexes perceive colors, only each one differently. For example, men distinguish the color of their love intensely. It’s not a blonde or a brunette now; it’s a car. An elegant man desiring respect usually opts for a black car. A white vehicle is chosen by an aesthetic man with his own path for a ride and life. Well, in the dark blue car, there may be a balanced “chilled” person. In women, for example, the energy and passion associated with the preference for red is confirmed. You can find life support in women who love yellow. A fan of white will have an honest and literally pure relationship with her environment.


Marcela Jurigová, the Slovak stylist, also tries to show clients a color typology: “It broadens their horizons, I show them personalized combinations. But I always recommend following inspiration from the environment. It’s everywhere. For example, nature offers harmony even without any formula for style.”

Matej Mišovič, an interior designer, sees it similarly. Simply in colors and color preferences, we must fundamentally perceive the individuality of a man. “In the interior, the individual colors do not have to evoke the same feelings. Some people may perceive dark spaces as depressive and others as elegant. A bright room without contrasts is cold for one, beauty and simplicity for the other. ”


Suppose Mišovič is to mention some color associations in a room. In that case, he chooses, for example, a combination of dark green tones and wood evoking nature. If we combine them with gold, metallic shades, we will put luxury at the forefront. Cast stone and limestone will drag you into the architecture from 1918.

Designer Diana Labošová does not rely on two or three combinations of colors. “I am happy when it is possible to use practically any color on a neutral palette and change it in the future.”


And maybe we’ll already choose yellow to encourage our creativity. We will complement the inspiration with the equally warm tone of orange. We will strengthen security with green, which will calm us down. We think about blue, we express our depth, but we also reinforce our authority. With purple, we underline the intelligence and leave room for emotions. Finally, we’ll enter the bold days with red.

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: