Oversize Coats – The Gems of This Fall


A good-quality coat should not be missing in any woman’s wardrobe this fall. An oversized coat is a must-have hit of this season, and if you follow these rules, you will definitely be in.

Once you fall in love with it, you won’t take it off. Today’s topic is an oversized coat that has won women worldwide thanks to its refined design.

CoatIt is a great choice for women with a plump figure if they want to cover extra pounds, but slim women love it too.

Beige Is Out. Try Various Color Shades

Although the coat in neutral shades matches perfectly a wide range of colors, try its more colorful variant now. Orange, baby blue, or striking purple on the coat look great and brighten up every gloomy fall day. Don’t be afraid to add a colored coat to your one-tone clothing or create a color contrast. Although it doesn’t look like that, purple likes green, red fancies pink or blue. This will create an attractive color-blocking outfit.

Timeless Plaid

CoatClothes with an eternal plaid return to the shops year after year, so it would be a pity if you didn’t have them in your fall wardrobe. The plaid coat looks elegant, so it can be worn with a simple pantsuit and more sporty pieces of clothing, such as leggings or still popular cycling shorts. When choosing an oversized plaid coat, also focus on the design of the shoulders. Broad shoulders with padding are coming back into fashion.

Like a Teddy Bear

As soon as the first frosts arrive, reach for a thicker coat, which you will wear out in the cold fall, but also throughout the winter. For years, the most trendy was the teddy coat, i.e., a warm shaggy coat, mostly in brown, strikingly reminiscent of a teddy bear. This year is no different. However, the length below the knees is now alternated by the length to the toes and the classic brown with more pronounced colors. Match a teddy bear coat with wide boyfriend jeans and sneakers, heel pumps, and a classic white shirt.

Bet on Accessories

CoatAlthough the oversized coat is a striking piece, you can still underline the overall fall outfit with stylish accessories. One of them is the beret, which is a must-have of this fall. If you choose a white shirt under your coat and apply red lipstick to your lips, you will conjure up an unmissable French look. A great choice is also a scarf, which you can incorporate into the outfit in several ways. You can wear it as a headdress in the hair, as an ornament on a handbag, or casually hanging around the neck. You will also look trendy if you ornate the oversized coat with a fanny pack. This time, however, do not put it around the waist but hang it across the body.

Text: Michaela Miňová, photo: unsplash.com, pexels.com