My House Their/His/Her Castle.

Home staging

We usually say, “my house, my castle.” When we are selling the “residence” and buying a new one, we should modify it to… their, his or her castle. We mean the buyers of real estate.

The apartment or house should get their attention before buying it. The only time premises can convince you about being an ideal home is when taking the tour. You can’t turn your property into a luxury castle with a magic wand but you can help it with home staging.

If you want to sell the house successfully, you need to be an excellent real estate agent. But why should you also appreciate someone who works with interior design or home staging?

Home staging

The answer is tidiness, cleanliness, and fantasy. Home stagers know exactly how to create a place that the buyer envisions as their home.

Home staging is a process with simple rules.

“Interior design and home staging are similar services in many ways. The interior designer doesn’t only create on the “green meadow”. They don’t just set up a new empty space. Many times people need to redesign their original homes. Sometimes they just aim at selling the property,” Slava Ramsová, an interior designer, comments on home staging. At the same time, she discusses the diversity of services: “If an interior designer is designing a home for a client, it is necessary to tune in to their personality. What makes them feel good, what colors and materials they prefer, or what function the interior should have. The home staging is not necessary to adapt to a specific person. The space must be tuned to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible. It should be more general, less personal, but pleasant and harmonious.” Slávka sees the benefit of home staging in preparing the property and presenting it differently from other offers on the market. “It’s no manipulation. With home staging, we can evoke the right emotions and get attention.”

Home staging The interior designer thus coincides directly with home stager Zuzana Beganová: “The basis of home staging is to create the best possible impression. Attracting buyers. Increase the value of the property.’ In addition, she also mentions some rules of home staging. These are not just about deciding what to keep on the property and what to remove. “The interior needs to be cozy, harmonized. The right color combinations, suitable accessories, and in some cases even smaller or larger details will help us. But the most important thing is to visually adjust the apartment or house so that the buyer can imagine his life in it.

The key role of home staging is strongly underlined by Ivan Babušík. As a real estate agent, he even ranks it among one of the key pillars of real estate sales in their company. “Nevertheless, a few real estate companies do it in Slovakia. They feel it’s not important. However, our figures show it clearly, and the initial investment in home staging subsequently generates higher sales prices and faster sales at the same time.” As part of real estate practice, she considers home staging as one of the key tools for marketing and presentation of real estate: “Thanks to home staging we can pick up the most interesting elements of an apartment or house before taking a photo or video. We create an emotion, an atmosphere… which sells.”

Home staging

Home staging is a process with simple rules. It is proof that the selling of an apartment, house, cottage, or commercial property is not only about the location, size, and the lowest price. The seller is also worth investing in the fixing of the left hinge on the chest of drawers, the cleaning of the shelf on the balcony, as well as the change of dull pillows for an even duller sofa, for those decorative, currently offered. Because home staging turns the space into a selling “stage”, where accessories, cleanliness, tidiness, and atmosphere are the best “scene.”

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: